of screaming mothers…

I was on hormone treatment for the last two months.While the treatment has done wonders to my acne,facial hair and lot of other problems caused by hormone imbalance..it has also given me an extremely short fuse!!I was blowing up at the drop of a hat! Add to this crazy situation,a hyper-active three year old,who cannot help getting in trouble..sometimes,its face creams rubbed in the couch..or sometimes,its the whole bookshelf brought down,to make room for the ‘precious’ 10 cm scooby toy..or on most other days food fights..and you get a crazy mom,who is always screaming.
Thankfully,the course of medicine is over..and I also noticed,Aadi was beginning to jump aside or start,when I went closer,in anticipation of the next round of shouting. I have been trying to consciously not scream at her..but somedays are just NOT RIGHT!
Today was one such day.The defiance started right from the moment she woke up- I dont want to brush my teeth. I want to watch TV.I dont want breakfast.I want a biscuit.I dont want to take a shower.No .I will not do it.. and so on.
I controlled myself.And ofcourse,she HAD to brush her teeth and eat her breakfast and not the biscuit,shower was pushed till later and she could watch a movie..because,we were not going out.I have the flu!yes,again!
Then,I don’t what went wrong.I was folding clothes and she offered to help,i asked her to bring me more clothes from the chair..and guess what she did?she picked up the clothes and dropped them on the floor and sat down to watch her movie again.I screamed-first time today. she was made to pick up the clothes-TV was shut down and she was told to go clean her toy room. I took the time to cool down too.
Meal-time surprisingly was stress-free today.
But by evening she was just a teary-whiny not so happy kid..and I was just a flu-ey irritated mom.I ended up screaming at her,a little more.The little hands and fingers reach everywhere now..the laptop,the cable reciever and she got screamed at more.
At bedtime,she threw her book down and I screamed again..and then,she had had it! She looked at my mouth,then looked me in the eye..with a big crease on her forehead and asked,”Mommy,why do you have so much shouting in your mouth?”
I blinked and said,”Because You have so much naughtiness in your body”…
“Hmphff..OK! I will throw all the naughtiness”…
I said,”OK then,I will throw all the shoutings “..
She said,”Open your mouth”…I obliged..”ohh yeah,all the shoutings gone”
I told her,”Open your mouth”..she did..and said,”look all the naughties have gone”..
So we hugged and kissed..and read stories,then she went off to sleep.
As of now,the naughties and the shoutings are lying in the corner where we throw all our tears and whinings …and lets hope they stay there!!!


16 thoughts on “of screaming mothers…

    1. yeah..some days are bad..poor thing has been living with a fire-breathing dragon mommy,for the last month and more!!LOL!
      And when she talks like this..makes me feel horrible:(
      Thanks for the hug..much appreciated!


  1. omg…that made me smile….you both are so cute….lots of hugs and kisses..whats imp is how cutely you guys made up….god bless πŸ™‚


  2. So cute at the end ! Dont they melt our hearts by saying/doing such things when we are really mad at them ? Hugs to the little Diva and you. I am glad you both kissed and made up πŸ™‚

    Whats hormone therapy ? Has it really helped with facial hair ? As I am growing older, finding more hair sprouting up on the face! Went for electrolysis, didnt help at all. Did u go to alternative medicine practitioner like Homeopathy etc or the alopathy ? Hope you wont mind answering…


    1. I knowww..not only do the melt our hearts..but also makes us feel terrible abt ourselves,isn’t it?
      Hormone therapy for PCOS..it was a short course.lemme email u in detail.and no I dont mind answering!:)


  3. So cute – Taking out the shouting out of your mouth!!! Its pretty much the same thing here with M and N as they start to school very early. I make a conscious effort to cut down on the shouting but I sometimes cannot help it 😦 Hope you’ll get over the flu soon.


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