I have to write this DOWN!
Today,a friend came over with her 9 month old.We had a nice time..and when she was leaving,Aadya gave her kisses and cuddles,kissed her FAVORITE baby in the whole wide word a thousand times and then waved good bye.
And just as she was about to open the gate,my little angel said,"Thanks for coming,Madhu Masi"…OMG!!we looked at each other,and our jaws dropped.She left the baby’s stroller by the gate and ran back to hug Aadi.
I cannot tell you how happy I was.This is the first time,she said it on her own,without any prompting.
And as I was typing this email,I realised that we have never taught her to say,"thanks for coming".Not that we don’t want to ..but its just that,whenever someone is leaving,she is too busy crying..that she doesn’t want them to go away..so,this was definitely a first.
I am soo soo proud of my little girl.I know for sure,that I didn’t know/think of saying this even when I was 6! hehe..it was all about "bye aunty, bye uncle" run back inside to play or dig into the snacks,that were served for them:D
She is surely a charmer!


10 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. Awwwww … I cn never say anything more than this on Aadi’s posts lol 😛
    That ws really very sweet darling 🙂


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