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The Cake story

Two lone apples were sitting,waiting for their fate.Would they be bitten into or would they be peeled and cored?Mommy decided they were going to be peeled and cored and then grated and made into a yummy cake.All was well,until,Ms.Aadya heard about mommy’s plans.Then started the bargaining.
"Mommy,can I wait till the cake is done?",she asked.
"No..its late and little ones must sleep.Besides,I’ll make the cake only after you go to sleep",said her Mommy.
So,the bed-time routine was done and mommy kissed her g’nite and Ms.Aadya asked,
"Mommy,you promise you will wake me up in the night,like on my happy birthday..and give me cake"..Mommy agreed.
Mommy came out and started making the cake.She peeled the apples and cored them and grated them and started adding the other ingredients,one by one.
"Mommy,I am thinking,IF I get some cake,then,I can sleep!"called out,Ms.Aadya.
"No,the cake is not doen yet."..
And Mommy mixed and mixed and put the cake in the oven.Soon,the cake was done.And mommy pulled the cake out of the oven.As soon as she shut the oven door,a tiny voice asked,"Can I come out now?I think the cake is DONE!!"..
Mommy took a deep breath..she realised,it would be long cakeyyy night..she thought long and hard,and before she could say anything,pleaded the tiny voice,"Please Mommy..can I pleaseeeeeeee come and eat my cake?"
"Oh well!" said mommy.."you might as well come out and eat your cake then.."
Ms.Aadya ate her cake,happily..and off she  went into a cakelicious dreamland!

While she is sleeping,would you like a bite??


Dig in:)



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