Hats that stay on All Day-Post 25


DSC03924 DSC03928

Ms.Aadya requested this hat yesterday,for her to wear to the Teddy Bear picnic at School today.She lovedddddddd it..and didn’t take it off all day.

What do you think???BTW,do you think,I should cross-post about my crafty finishes here ,or just leave a link to the craft blog post??

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Have a good weekend,my lovelies..


14 thoughts on “Hats that stay on All Day-Post 25

  1. waisey abhe bhee kaan covered nahee hain. Tell her mean aunt aneela will come and make her wear a monkey cap (the ugliest brown available) knotted tightly under her chin if she doesnt behave.
    Taleban Arhaan is there with black woolen stockings.


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