A first- Post 18

Its been two months since Aadya started school and today for the first time,I spent some time alone at home.What a pity,I was sick .
By the time,DH got home yesterday,I was burning up.He brought Meds from the pharmacy and I took the first dose and was out at 9.00 PM!Even before Ms.Aadya.When I woke up in this morning,there were 10 hammers going on inside my head.It hurt to even breath.I asked DH to take the day off..but,the word OFF doesn’t exist in his dictionary.But,he offered to take half day off.so he could drop and pick Aadi from school..He picked her up,one hour early and then left for work.I got some rest.
But it was soo weird,being at home,without the noise,that is Aadya:D
Another first was me napping midmorning on the couch! I had forgotten how nice it feels!!hehehe..
This week got over so fast and weekend is here..nicee!Me like!
I am hoping it doesn’t rain this weekend..the garden and the backyard,need tending to.I am sick of seeing the weeds..
BTW,I found this Easy-peasy recipe for Broccoli-Cheddar soup on allrecipes.com . Its on the stove now,as I type this post.I just replaced the garlic powder with fresh crushed garlic and chicken broth with water,because,I didn’t have these things at home.This used to be my favorite at Quizno’s and Subway,when we were at Dallas and Ms.Aadya who had just started solids then,loveddddddd it!!I am hoping,this picky eater,who is the resident Diva now,likes it too..:)
Have a good weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “A first- Post 18

  1. Wow! Thatz some yum soup u hv on the stove .. must be off the stove nw 😛 😛

    Hope u r feeling better today 😉

    Napping on the couch .. aaaah! bliss!


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