Award time again

I have been struggling with photo uploads for a long time now.Then Nima suggested using windows writer and I decided to give it a go..This is my first post using windows writer..and let me just say,uploading the pictures has been a breeze.And I like typing offline,when I can see the green border of my blog..hehe yes I am weird that way!

OK,so coming to the awards:

Shruti passed on this beautiful award to me..many many weeks ago..Sorry for the delay Shruti!I truely appreciate it.



And Priya  passed on this one and


this one:)


I am soo thrilled..Thank you ladies.

The best part of blogging is the friends you make..and I am so happy to have made so many friends in blogsville..I pass on these awards to:

The cherry on top award to:


and Nima 🙂

And the blogger bud award to Swaram,Priya, Momo’s Ma.This award also go to each one of you reading this blog:) I am naming these three..because,they are some of the new friends I have made,here.

And the beautiful blogger award goes to:

Swaram,again for answering all the comments on her blog and commenting most here:D

Monika,for inspiring me 🙂

In other news,I am still nursing a cold and its now turned into a full blown viral infection..:( Today seems like the longest day,if only the headache will go away..Aadi is glued to the TV..watching spiderman and then some cartoons..since morning!!but its ok,atleast i am getting some rest.

Ohh speaking of TV,she woke up this morning..singing,”Ohh my stripper soniye,Aha aha..” ,when i asked her,whose song is it..she goes, its my FAvorite song..this one and meri duniya from hey baby!!

My stripper soniye??REallyyyyyyyyy?Is that even a song?? and who writes these songs??Anyway I am off..take care,sweet ones..and stay healthy!


14 thoughts on “Award time again

  1. LOL @ Stripper Soniye 😛 😛

    Thanks so much for the awards Trish 🙂

    I am battling a headache too – sinus 😦 and can’t even take a day off .. too much work 😦 😦


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