Happy Day-Post 15

Its my sister’s birthday today..and No,Tuku is not the name that my parents gave her.It is the name that our resident Diva gave her.She started calling her Tuku masi but lovingly calls her Tuku!
And she gets soo mad,if I call her Tuku..”Don’t call her Tuku..she is myyy Tuku”. Today,when I wished her,on Skype,Ms.Aadya refused to wish her..why you ask?She was upset..that Mumma said,Happy birthday Tuku!
I pretended to whisper secrets on the webcam..and TukuTrups whispered them back to me,that got the li’l imp curious and she asked,”Tuku,Aap Mumma ko kya bata rahe ho?”[Tuku,what are u telling mumma?].hehehe..
Rest of the day wasn’t as exciting 🙂 We went out with one of my School Mom friends.I am helping her with her elder son’s fancy dress costume.So much fun na!The theme for the fancy dress is “Garden”. I picked up some yarn for one of my commissioned project for a 3 year old.
My throat feels funny and I miss my mommy.I want to her chicken soup or tomato soup..And no..its no fun,when I make it myself.The only person,who can make the soup taste anywhere close to my mom’s,is my Masi..but she is not here too..so,I thought,asked GM for suggestions..and then,finally innovated.
It turned out alright..To go with it,made some whole wheat bread sticks..they turned out nice..only,some more salt,wouldn’t have hurt.
Ohh Speaking of Birthdays,today is also my Aaji’s (grandma) birthday.So many years ago,it was Aaji’s 50th birthday and my mom was heavily pregnant.Her kids decided to celebrate this milestone birthday,in a grand way.A party was organised..everyone was excited.That morning,my G’pa went to the bathroom and slipped on the steps..and sprained his ankle. While they were attending to him,my mom went into labour and my uncle rushed her to the hospital.My aunt went to check on her sister(my mom) and was told that the baby wasn’t there yet..and to come back after 2 hours..and funnily the baby was already there and there was some misunderstanding. It was a crazy busyy day and my Aaji says,that was the day,she realised,that she has to take the backseat from that day onwards.And though she doesn’t say it,I know,Trups is her most favorite grandie!Happy birthday,Aaji. And you can never take the back seat…you are a star! Which other grandmother,is more upto date with current affairs,than the rest of her family? You are the smartest,most talented person,I know of and I am proud to have inherited those crafty genes from you..love you,Aaji!
Alright,back you,how was your day?Do tell..


2 thoughts on “Happy Day-Post 15

  1. Wowww! Aaji sounds so cool. Happy Bday to her and to ur sis too 🙂
    Such a happy post this one 🙂

    My day … I hv been drowned in work and hd to resort to that one-word tag lol 😉 The whole week is gonna b the same 😦


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