Creative gift wrapping ideas-2

I took some pics of the gifts I wrapped for the party this weekend.

This one is dance mat,that came in a rectangle box. The triangle on top is just a folded newspaper. And the doors and windows are made of aluminium foil.It was a present for a 5 year old and she was kicked to see the details:)
See the CD box behind the wrapped present?That is a box of crayons.I wrapped it up like a toffee,in tissue paper,like this:

Tell me what you think:)
Edited to-change the order of the pics.


13 thoughts on “Creative gift wrapping ideas-2

  1. Trish, I like the chocolate one!!! I am going to try it at the next given opportunity.. Thank you.
    Btw, i got hold of a curio shelf with a door so i dont have to work on the screen and such! Lazy Me. I will be anyways posting the picture of the shelf once i have it on the wall for you… Thanks again.


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