Yesssss!I finished it!
I finished week1 of Couch25K!And at the end of it,I am 1 kg lighter and let me just tell you how much I love it!
I am more energetic..and I am loving it.On the rest days,I walked or did some yoga.
I know a lot of people do it and don’t make a big deal of this plan..but it is big deal for me,to even finish this first week,first because I don’t remember running/jogging at all in my adult life.I love walking and walk a lot..but no jogging..not even on the treadmill..so this is big step out of my comfort zone.
Second,blogging about it,just makes my commitment even stronger.
Third,I blog about it,because,I see so many changes in me..I know its only been 1 week..but a change is change.Earlier,if I was going out,which meant,I would be walking a lot,I would skip the walk/excercise,sayingthinking that,anyway,I am going to walk today.But,now,I do it even on the day that I am going out..simply because it gives my day a good start.
And last,but not least,your comments motivate me!!So,you see I have to blog!
So,Week1 is done!!and I will start week 2 in a day or two.


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