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Random winter rants..

Our days are just crawling.I hate short winter days,the over cast sky,the cold wild breeze,darkness falling at 5.00..and I think my dislike has rubbed off on Aadi.As soon as it starts getting dark,her mood starts getting darker too.She gets upset more easily,she whines more,she wants me to carry her,and reminds me,every few minutes,”Mommy,I am scared.”While,I let her sit in my lap and try to keep her entertained but,my mood is no better.Last winter,I used to spend most of my mornings in the Town Center,then,we’d come home and nap and the day would pass sooner.But,this year,we are out two days of the week and weekend and so,I like to stay in on the remaining days.
So,I have decided to do one new activity with Aadi each day..reading,painting,threading,craft,writing on her scribble pads-She now knows what standing and sleeping lines are and how to draw them.
She enjoys cooking,so today I let her measure the vegetables for her dinner and she was so excited.And we are counting her fruit/veg servings..In the last 3-4 months,she had almost given up eating veggies.So,I am trying to consciously introduce more veggies/fruits in her meals.If she doesnt eat it in her meals,I give it to her as a snack..sometimes,its frustrating.No,strike that Its frustrating..ALL the time!Aadi used to a very good eater and now suddenly,she is so picky about everything.I am not exaggerating when I say,that EVERY single time I ask her,what she wants to eat,her answer is the same- Dahi-Bhaatu-be it morning,noon or night!Its soo frustrating.Then last week I noticed a white patch on her face.I remember my mom telling someone,that those white patches mean vitamin deficiency.I havent taken her to the doctor for it,yet,coz I know her diet is deficient in so many nutrients.
Nothing frustrates me more,than hearing two demands-“Dahi-bhaatu” and “Candy”….Candy irritates me so much,I want to ban it.If not in the world,I want to ban it in my house.I just dont know how to tell it to our friends and visitors gently.If Aadi sees Candy,she has to eat it,till it gets over,and keeping it hidden somewhere else,doesnt make any difference.She is like a rat,sniffs her way to it.The only sweet,I dont mind giving her is the fruit jelly sweets or the fresh homemade cookie,halwa,kheer,whatever.I am seriously contemplating telling our next visitors,to please,not bring any chocolate for her.Will that be too rude?
This post is just very vague..because,I am in a weird kind of a mood..gloomy..weird,crazy-ish.I am having the worst acne break-out in my life.It makes me soooo mad.I didnt get Acne and pimples,even in my teenage.Almost whole of my right cheek is covered with painful acne..and I hate looking at myself in the mirror.When,I go out,my hair covers it,but..I know its there and that make me feel weird and ugly.Our regular GP is out of town and so,I booked an appointment with another doctor and the earliest,that was available is on,till then,I will just keep feeling weird…and hope to turn invisible.
Does anyone have any home remedies for this?
What else do you do to keep winter blues at bay?I made a scarf for someone,wound a skein into ball to start a cardie for Aadi,am finishing one book per day..what else..?The day,just disappears,its the looooooooooong evening,that just doesnt go away.
Hope your days are better than mine..:)


14 thoughts on “Random winter rants..

  1. why dont you just come over and spend some time with me? we have long languid summer days and madam if you have so much vela time that you can read a book a day than you better come and help me out here.


    1. Hehehehe..arre I read all the when I am cooking,when I am watching TV,when I am knitting..when the other two are sleeping 😛
      And I would love to come over..pakka..I’ll go on strict diet,so that I can fit into your or GMan’s bags,next time,one of u is here!!:D
      LOL!!! I knoww that was a bad one..


  2. Dear Trish! I wanna say I hear you. Being in Seattle is no fun…rains for the most part of the year. Just make the best of it, right? I think you are doing amazingly with her by doing all those great things. And it is just the start of winter…give yourselves time to get used to it. Have you thought abt getting her a multi vitamin? I think, it is just a phase…them wanting to eat only one thing. What I do for Naren is cook and puree some vegetables (carrots/spinach/beets) and mix them with idli/dosa/chappathi/roti batter and dough and make colored food, which excites him. Make the diet more whole grains–brown rice, whole wheat pastas and such. If you can do decrease the amount of sugar (even home made ones) as it is actually a mood depressant, esp in these winter months. Get her to bed early and let her run around the house during the day to get her some more energy.

    Finally abt the visitors bringing candy…do let them know that you would rather not have them bring it and instead they could bring her a book or small activity kit. That way they won’t be offended. I don’t think it would be considered rude. True friends understand. Lay down your feet with Aadi about limiting how many candy she can have. Sorry..but do it! Over time she will get used to it. Trust me. Been there, done that! Distract her with something else..ok? Remember you have people holding your hands virtually, so pick up that chin off the floor and come on…go get some fresh air (bundle you guys both and go out for a short walk). Fresh air does so much magic…even if she is congested, the fresh air will help her breathe…


    1. OMG!Arent you the sweetest?Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed comment.
      I have started adding grated veggies or cooked vegetables to the dough or dosa batter..sometimes she eats,sometimes she picks them out! I have been thinking of a multi-vit for sometime now..Will try the natural way first..:)
      Once again..Hugs-I ALWAYS appreciate you for taking the time to reach out..Always.Love ya!


  3. Oh dear hugs! U r just fine no .. dng so many quality things. Just that the weather is rubbing its gloom on u 🙂
    I hope u get rid of the acne soon .. the inner beauty is all that matters. So dnt feel weird pls 🙂 Its the pain which is sad 😦
    Hope u get bk to ur enthu self soon 🙂


  4. It’s 41 degree celsius in New Delhi …. i m sure reading this will make u feel better about ur self. …. sometime life seems to be stuck in one place ….. Hope things will get better for u 🙂

    p.s. apply sandal wood paste make acne disslove !!


    1. Hey Hi Sharmila,welcome here..And I LOVE your name!
      hehee..yes reading about temps in Delhi& Bombay,make me feel good..but as u said,life is stuck!!But,its ok..this too shall pass..
      Thanks for the sandalwood tip!


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