Of School and other stuff..

I have been out of sorts..I didn’t feel like writing,or reading..I did lurk around but,just didn’t have the heart to comment.I did write a few private posts..but thats all.
I was feeling quite sick over the last couple of weeks..and I guess that took away whatever energy was left in me.Today,I am just making a conscious effort to write something:)
So,first let me tell you about Aadya’s first day of school.She was so excited about it for the last so many months.When the day arrived,I think she was a little edgy..she refused to eat and wanted to just sit in the car and go.I gave her a new napkin,with one of her favorite characters,Miffy,the bunny and she had her Ben10 bag.She was soo excited.
We got to the school and she just wanted to run inside.We were about 15 minutes early and that made her so upset.Finally,the doors to the classroom opened and she entered excitedly.
The classroom is divided in various activity zones- the kitchen,the mason’s corner,the blocks mat,the story mat and the craft center.Aadi loved the kitchen and mason’s corner.I stayed for an hour or so before stepping out.She seemed alright on her own.This week,I signed up to be the mom-helper..lets see how this week goes.
My blog stats show me that the visitor count is few hundreds short of 15K visitors..I am thinking of a give-away..so,watch this space.
Winter is here and so are winter-blues..I am a little down..depressed even and I dunno how to shake it off.When I was planning the party,atleast momentarily,I was happy…but now back to square one.
I am back in the weight-loss game-I have managed to keep the weight I lost,OFF..and I am happy about it.But those measly 5kgs,don’t even make a dent in my big FORM and I want to make a big dent!!That will make me happy.GM,thanks for making me hang up,today…I worked out with my excercise video.Its a little hard,because the video is really fast paced and moving my bulk is sync is not easy and to add to that,Aadi thinks,I am playing by myself and wants to join in,pulling my hand,pushing me…So much Fun!NOT!
Anyway ,hope aal izz well with you:)


14 thoughts on “Of School and other stuff..

  1. Ok, was teh ‘aal izz well’ bit for me. 😉 Keep trying, you will get the hang of it. Oh kids love to fool around when we exercise…… mine thinks, he can sit on me, sleep on me and more… 😛


    1. LOL!!ofcourse it was for you!!:P
      And it annoys me to no end when she tries to fool around,when I am working out..grrr..but its so cute,when she tries to do the same thing,standing next to me.


  2. great! I am on the same boat now a days. not feeling to do any thing, even I want to avoid daily cooking too. hope it will end soon.
    good that your diva has started her school…. my girls will start on 1st June.


    1. Ohh Ohh..I know what you mean..I seriously believe that we moms,specially SAHM moms,with younger kids,who stay home all day,should have periodic spa sessions..just to get rid of tiredness…or dead brain cells!!or whatever!!
      When do your girls turn 3?


  3. Yes dear it happnes sometime..in fact with me it happens most of teh times..whenever i realise my routine is becoming monotonous..i feel dull and loose the desire of doing anything…after some gap i regain myself 🙂


  4. Hey glad to know Aadi loved her school. Sorry, I have been too lazy to comment lately, but I loooooved the B’day cake you made for Aadi. Now I am craving so much for it! Happy 3rd to Aadi. My son’s gonna turn 3 soon too. But the lazy me has outsourced everything. Take care!


  5. WOW her schools sounds great! I wish I could send Ash to a school like that, none close to our place 😦 Good to know that she loved it so much! 🙂


    1. I got lucky,Priyanka.I wasnt sure about this one,as I need to take a bus.I wanted something at walking distance.And we had missed the tour,since we were in India.But,we loved it on the first day and I dont mind taking the bus,anymore.More importantly,she is liking it.


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