Guess who is..

Toilet trained now??
Yes Ms.Aadya..
Remember the Diaper-making? So,when I told her,it was a tissue and not a diaper,she didn’t believe me.She had to try it.I was on the phone..and saw her running back and forth,pulling a tissue from the box,on each trip..Naturally,I checked..and the sight that met me,was..lets just say not very pretty.
She actually tried to use the tissue as a diaper..and it didn’t work..so,she panicked..Needless to say,I had to clean up the mess.But,she realised the tissue wont work.So,I put her on the toilet and she did it!!
The next day,when she wanted to go potty,she asked me to put her on the toilet seat!! And then the next day..and the day after..and so,before her 3rd b’day..she was absolutely diaper-free!![Anti-jinx]
Yayyy Aadi!


16 thoughts on “Guess who is..

  1. woo hoo. you did it Aadi..good going. n Trish, thanks for ur comment last time abt taking momo to loo every few hrs. i used to do it earlier too, but was more motivated thanks to u. she is almost there now n i hope i can soon publish a post like urs. 🙂


  2. Congrats Trish!!

    Kevin’s toilet trained when he is awake but he still needs his diapers when he is sleeping and haven’t figured out how to get rid of them. I am just waiting patiently. 🙂


    1. Ashaaaaaaaaaaaa Welcome back!!!can I tell you how often I have checked ur blog n fb page..to see if u are back?And u can totally not believe me..coz i was lazy n didnt leave a message.But,I am glad u are back.
      And about night training- here’s what I did-I got a mattress protector n put her to sleep on it diaper less..and I would take her to the loo,before sleeping, once in between..then we realised that she was bed-wetting early morn..so,I would take her to the loo at 6.00..and after a week..she started waking up to the wet bed.lemme look up that post n email u..:) n dont disappear again.


      1. won’t disappear again.. 😀 it’s just that a lot was happening and I wasn’t in a mood to blog…. I’m in Germany now and waiting for Kevin to be brought over by my Mom. so still not in great mood.
        Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem is that he is still a baby to me and I just let it be 😛

        by the way, do you know how good it feels when someone tells you that you were being missed 🙂


      2. I’m glad you wont go away again..
        I’m sorry you are not in great mood..You know where to reach me,if you need to talk..:)
        Lotsa love to Kevin…and hope he gets there soon.


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