Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone..hope you are all having a nice weekend.
Ours has been full of anxiety,dotted with Happy moments.Anxious,because of FIL.He fainted at work and was admitted in the hospital on Wednesday..They called us on Thursday afternoon..Since then,we are on and off the phone..waiting for news..Yesterday,the doctor confirmed,what we suspected,it was a mild heart attack and he is still under observation.He will be fitted with a pacemaker on Monday and then,we’ll be able to breath easy.
In other news,my brother is here for the weekend..Its just so nice to have him around.Aadi is completely smitten with him..and he is in love with her..If we got a dollar for everytime,she said,”Mamu”,we’d be millionaires,before monday..which is when he is going back.
All we have done this weekend is..spend family time,eat,vegetate on the couch,talking,eat some more…vegetate more..Its just perfect.
Hope you guys are having a nice weekend..more later..Be good,my Lovelies.


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. A very Happy Easter to you too Trish. Good to know that docs have diagnosed the reason and he will be well soon. Your brother is visiting you ? how exciting !

    BTW, I have done the lunch box post on my blog ( not the food blog) : http://2bsmommy.blogspot.com/2010/03/2-april-2010-whats-in-your-childs-lunch.html

    Also just finished eating pasta for lunch made up your penne pasta with veges in white sauce recipe. It was yummmmm. Kids loved it. Have already posted it on my food blog : http://2bmskitchen.blogspot.com/2010/04/pasta-in-white-sauce.html


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