Happy 3rd Birthday,Princess

Hi My munnu-Shonu,
You are three today..Woww..three you are a big girl..but for some strange reason,you have been insisting for the last two-three days that you are baby.You ask us,”can I please be a baby today?”Yes,darling”,we reassure you..You want to dress up like a baby,crawl like one,drink your milk in a sippy cup like one..We laugh at times,get irritated at others..but,all the time,we are thinking how much you have grown.
You are like a little lady..a little Diva actually..its almost like,you are living upto your blog name.Even if a drop of water falls on your T-shirt,you have to change it.You tells us not to touch you with wet hand and get very irritated if we do.
Sweetie,you are so grown up..you make us forget you are just a baby..and so in the last few months,you have faced our irritation..but,we,really love you. In the face of your unwavering resolve and perfect logic,you are lot more mature than your 3 years.You understand our emotions from our expressions,you are quick to give hugs..you really are.
You have graduated from a toddler,who spoke broken sentences to one who tells long stories.You have grown from the toddler who cried with frustration,to one who tells us clearly what is frustrating you..”I dont want Rice,I can’t fix the puzzle,i don’t know how to button up the shirt!” and you are a star for asking for help,when you cant do it yourself.Everything else,you want to do it yourself.
You just pull your chair to the hard to reach surfaces..be it to wash your hands or to brush your teeth.Your independence, both reassures and saddens us..sad that our baby is growing.But it makes us proud to watch you grow into an independent little girl.
You are so clear about your choices-food,clothes,friends,toys..everything.You even help us pick gifts for your friends,remembering what they might like..thats soo touching.You are a little do-gooder,Aadi..Recently,at a party,you and a little pal of your had a tiff and she hit you.She was being put in the naughty corner and she was screaming,”I don’t like Aadi,anymore”.. I was worried,about how you would feel.But,all you cared for then was,that she was crying..You kept telling her,to stop crying,trying to give her a hug..I was relieved that you didn’t hear/understand her.The only expression on your face was worry..you were worried for your friend,as you heard her cry and watched her being punished..You hugged her and told her,its OK..dont cry..you held her cup of millk for her..and hugged her some more.We thought the episode was over.But on our way back,in the car,you told us,”Mumma,I think S doesnt like me anymore..Papa is she still my friend..?” Oh darling,our hearts broke..Papa wanted to pull over and hug you..The next day you had forgotten..S and you are still friends..:)
You know the consequences of your actions..every other morning,you announce..”Mumma,I don’t want to brush today..because my shirt will get wet..”then,you remember and ask..”But mere teeth mein crums(germs) aayenge na..so I will brush.”And you have a memory of an elephant.Off-late you have been remembering things from your India trip,and remind me of it.Its a nice surprise to see how much you observed and retained.
You want to help me in the kitchen all time..you pull up a chair and I have to give you a set of bowls,butterknives,forks,mixing spoons etc..so that you can cook on the side.
You are beginning to enjoy your daddy’s company,irrespective of my presence and thats a relief and a cause of joy for us all.You and daddy have long conversations,plot mischiefs and generally have a chilled out time.As soon as Daddy comes home,you leave whatever you are doing and run to open the door…and before he gets out of the car,you reach the car.As soon as he gets out of the car,you are hugging him and ready to take him into Daddy-heaven!That is by far his favorite part of the day.
Its hard for us to remember our life,before you..it really is..Thats how much you have taken over,our lives,and minds..and our HOUSE…Its in a perpetual state of mess…Not a single room is spared..your toys and books are everywhere..Every room has a touch of “you”…But we have got used to it…I mean the living room seems incomplete without your two doll strollers,one car,one bike,one mobile and your little table and chair.We have learned to walk without bumping into anything..we have to you see..Because you NEED to have these things around you,during the day.We put them away,every night and you help us..and you bring them all out everyday!
Sometime during our India trip,when you were 31 months ..the frequency of your tantrums reduced greatly.We havent seen a lot of tantrums in the later half of this year.If you are upset,you cross your arms on your chest,pout and say,”I am Gussa” and walk off,in a huff.If we ask you,you tell us why.If its something,unreasonable,we let you calm down..then,you come to us,on your own and tell us,that you are not Gussa anymore.
You love your Jai-Jai Bappa and talk to him like a friend..which is what I love the most..If we scold you,you run to the Pooja room,crying..Jai-jai Bappa look they shout me..If you want something you ask your Jai-Jai Bappa to please give it to you..The top on your list,in the last 2-3 months is a baby sister..More so in the week preceeding your birthday.You keep asking Jai-Jai Bappa for a baby in Mumma’s tummy and out of the blue,you come and kiss my flabby belly,saying,”Hi Baby sister..I can see you”..I am writing this down,so that,we can all look at it later and say fondly,how Aadi,knew about it..even before,we did..Or we can all laugh at your hyper-active imagination,together.
You have a few imaginary friends,Aadi..and they keep changing..sometimes its a ducky called Double Quack(thank you ABC2) sometimes its your Baby sister(yes again)..sometimes,one of your toys…and if we sit accidently on one of the chairs,where they are sitting,you scream in horror..you clap when they sing a song ..its fun to watch you like that..:)
You are going to start playschool in 2 weeks,but believe me when I say,you have been excited about it for more than 3 months now..You are just soo excited about it.You tell everyone that you are going to go to school and that you will be alone in school and that mumma can come and pick you up…I hope when the day comes,you are as excited as this.
I heard that Three is a magical age..so,welcome to your own Magicland,Aadi..
May you enjoy the threes as much as we enjoyed the last three.May you be big and strong…May you always be so loving and compassionate..
And always remember..we love you…
Lots of Love,

P.S.-I started writing this yesterday..but finished it today.


23 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Birthday,Princess

  1. awww. . thats a shweet post for the little princess.adorable the stuff she says n does. god bless. loved the bit with her friend S. her reaction was so charming.


  2. There r so many sweet things in this post that I dont know what to comment on, lest I miss anything.
    The way she expressed her luv for her friend is so so sweet of her. God bless!

    But mere teeth mein crums(germs) aayenge na – ha ha ha ..tatz so cute πŸ™‚
    Off to read the remaining part nw πŸ˜›


    1. The imag. friends game sounds like so much fun πŸ˜€
      For the imp. qs nw, when is the baby sis cmg πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


      1. hehe..yeah wait till u meet her,and sit on one of her imaginary friends.As for the baby sister..LOL!! lets wait and watch..OR we can ask Jai-Jai Bappa.


  3. You know you have a precious one there, don’t you Trish. She is such a gorgeous little darling, I send her my love and blessings on her special day, and hope she stays just as sweet and wonderful, forever!


  4. awww like swaram said there are so many things in the post that i want to write on but me i am at lack of words today

    god bless her always and tell her to come to monika auntie… she’ll always be a sweet baby for me πŸ™‚

    hugs and loads of them trish


  5. Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..

    Loved the post..so touching..so much love.. and I bet one day when she is all grown up and reads this post..you will be showered with hugs and kisses..


  6. Trish… I am sure she has inherited the best of u two..She is so much to her friends the way you are to urs..
    I am sure wen she grows up, you both are gonna be damn proud of her..
    Lots and lots of love to her ! Wanna see her 😦


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