Make a Diaper

Remember how we are trying to toilet train Aadya.So yesterday,we used the last diaper.I showed her the empty packet(I had one saved).Today,when she wanted to go potty,she came to me with a Tissue paper and sticky tape,and said, “Come on Mom,you make a diaper for me!!”

I burst out laughing..she got angry..showed me where the diaper goes and then said,”look now you just put sticky tape here and here!!”
I told DH,and he was so proud.His actual words are “So Intelligent.you should be proud of her,instead of laughing.She has ways and means of getting her diapers!!”

LOL!! OK,daddy! Ofcourse I am proud..though not as much as you..,After all,you are the one who tells Great Stories!


23 thoughts on “Make a Diaper

  1. She is smart and dare you deny that. And yes, you are meant to laugh here, kids do that to us. Btw, this reminds me of a similair tale about myself, and a similair reaction from my dad! šŸ˜›


    1. LOL!! No I didn’t make it for her..But,she took the tissues to the guestroom when she wanted to do her job..tried using it as a diaper..naturally didnt work..then called me clean up the mess!!!


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