I’ve been Awarded

Shruti awarded me with-


And I am sooo thrilled.To get the best blog award from you means a lot to me,Shruti.Thanks..I am going to pass it right back to you!!And I am passing this to- Nima,Mayya,Rima and Patricia
And I award the Blogger Buddy award to some old friends and new-
2B’s mommy.There are so many more..but I am lazy to type and link up..So,if you are reading this.. remember you are my best blogger buddy.
More later,my lovelies…


29 thoughts on “I’ve been Awarded

  1. aww… SO cute!!! me LOVE!!!!
    feels good to be back now! 😀

    and yes, i’m working on it.. you should have a mail form me tomorrow maybe…. 😀
    thanks so much babes!!!


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