Being a Mom

I recieved this as a forward from a friend–

Did you ever think like this….A human body can bear up to 45 dell(unit) of pain.But at the time of giving birth, a woman feels up to 57 dell of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time…So love your MOM…..!!!!

And right at the end of the email was this –

And I had to blog about it.
This pic is so US-as in Aadya and me.
Aadi has been a cuddler since birth.She loves snuggling up to us,in bed and even through out the day,she needs to be close to us..when we are watching TV,she is almost on one of us,so much so,we have to push her away.But,immediately after she has woken up,in the morning or after a nap,the cuddles are non-negotiable.And then,it has to be only Mummy,giving her those cuddles.If I cuddle her on the bed,she mumbles in that half-asleep-half-awake state..Coach(couch) pe chalo..So,we go out to the living room,on to the couch..and settle down..and we stay that way,till the pricess is ready to wake up..She nuzzles my neck,touches my face,turns this way and that and then,sleeps some more.She darts me annoying looks,if I reach for the remote or my phone.If I am reading a book,she keeps squirming,till I don’t put it away,and hold her with both hands,resting my chin on her head..I expect all these reactions and still do it each time,just to get those reactions.
When she is satisfied with her cuddles,I get showered with kisses..I hold her close a little longer,breathing in that baby smell..of her hair,her mouth…and she obliges..then breaks away,only to say …Mom,can I get some water/dudu now?

My fuse has been really short with Aadi for the last few days..I dunno if its her whining or my PMS hormones..But I think,this pic was all I needed to calm down.I was feeding her(remember she refuses to eat on her own these days) and she was fooling around..I yelled,whacked her hand for playing with her food..rapped her on the head,lightly for not opening her mouth on time..and then,the I clicked the preview button and saw the picture..I put her bowl away,hugged her tight,kissed her hurt away..and then sat down to write the post…its straight from my mind’s eye..so I am not going to edit this..I will leave it for the days,when she is just driving me up the wall!


11 thoughts on “Being a Mom

  1. how sweet! my mom was anti cuddles .. n all the cuddling came from my dad.. i realized how special cuddle is after i had my daughter.. shes like ur daughter too.. all cuddly n muddly.. really nice post! straight from ur heart. 🙂


  2. Lovely ..even with Aryan the morning cuddles are non negotiable ..if i just sit beside him and do not cuddle , he tells me , mujhe paar karo 🙂


  3. That is so sweet! I know the feeling! All my anger goes the moment daughter gives me a cuddle – and I think she has started taking advantage of that 🙂


    1. LOL!Tell me about it.When I start yelling,Aadi comes and touches me gently,or wraps herself around my legs or just kisses me..and smiles knowingly..like I know u are going to cool down now!LOL!


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