Kid’s room decor-Under $10

Ever since I got pregnant,I wanted to decorate the baby’s room with pretty baby stuff .Unfortunately,we never stayed in a place,long enough to be able to do something productive.Also,the baby was is still sleeping in our room.But now,we have been in this place,long enough for it to feel like home.Now that we are safely past the one year mark,I am ready to start decorating.
But,everytime I look up for Kiddy decor,its so expensive and even if I want a pretty room for Aadi,I don’t want to spend $$ on it.
So,I decided to make one myself.I half traced,half drew the design on canvas and painted it and surprised Aadi with it in the morning.

Material-Blank Canvas,Acrylic colors,Fabric colors,pain brushes,roller brush

* Blank Canvas- $3.33 (Found a set of 3 for $10 in the Reject Shop)
*Colors- Collected over time(some bought in sale,some from Reject Shop,box of fabric paint from India)
*Look on the Child’s face- Priceless!

Note-This is the first time I painted on Canvas and I loved it.I am already thinking what to do with the other two pieces,that came in the set!


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