Guess who got lucky today??

Me,ME Me!!!
Or I think Sunita blessed me with some thrifting dust.
I was browsing Gumtree,when I found this-

Its a beautiful handcrafted table.I L-O-V-E the blue tiles,and according to its old owners,its more than 10 years old.Its as good as new.
When I first emailed the owners,they were waiting to hear from someone else.I asked them to call me,if they didn’t hear from the other people.I told DH,about my exciting find..and he was like,why do you need another coffee table..”Becauseeeeee its beautiful!!”I said.The lady finally called me..and said,the table was mine,if I wanted.Hell ya…of course I wanted it!
This is what I am using it for-

What do you think??
And I got it for -FREE!!! Could I be any happier?

Edited to Add-Yes,Yes it was free.The owners were moving to a smaller place,but didnt want to sell it,since it was a gift,so listed it as a freebie on gumtree.com.au.And I got lucky.I gave them a Tajmahal Magnet šŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Guess who got lucky today??

  1. Hi Trish, I am coming from Asaaan. U have a great blog here..

    I love ur table..Can it be used as a floor dining table, like having some cushions arounds and a low hung lamp on it…and folks can sit on the floor..it would be a great cosy setting for two..


  2. @Mon,Goof,- edited the post to answer your question.
    @Aneela- šŸ˜€
    @Subha-Welcome!!And yes that seems like a good idea..I can totally imagine,candles,Fuchsia floor cushions..:)
    @Shobana-Yes thats what the (ex)owners said.A friend of theirs,hand-made it for them.


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