2 States By Chetan Bhagat-A book review

2 States is the story of a typical North Indian-South Indian couple.A Punjabi guy,Krish and Tamilian girl,Ananya meet at B-school,become friends and soon fall in love.Everything is hunky-dory till the convocation ceremony.Thats when their parents meet and all hell breaks loose.
Cultural shock,sarcastic comments and hurt egos spell doom for the lovebirds.But,instead of taking the easy way out and eloping,Krish and Ananya decide to tough it out and convince their parents.They have a vision of “seeing both the sets of parents smiling on their wedding day”and set about to achieve this goal.
The story goes from Delhi to Chennai,back and forth and the cultural difference between the two families is depicted very nicely.I just wished he had used atleast some Hindi dialogues,with translation.
The story flows very fast and since its a narrative,its an instant page-turner.I felt like I was listening to a friend’s story,which brings me to the next point.The author mentions in the beginning that the story is inspired from his life,but urges the readers to treat it as fiction.This contradiction,makes it hard to distinguish Krish,the hero from Chetan the author.
On the whole a good read.
This is my first book review and so quite amatuerish..feel free to ignore it.:)


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