random talks

Insomnia or what?

Has it ever happenned to you,that the whole day slip off and at nigt,at bed-time,you find your mind full of so many thoughts?Thoughts of unfinished works,thoughts of goals set? And then you realise that you are running out of time. And this running out of time leaves you so restless that you can’t sleep. And when you can’t sleep you cannot wake up early,to gain extra time.

Please tell me,it has happenned with atleast one of you.Every night,for the past 10 days or so,I find sleep eluding me.I try to think,work out a strategy..for its at that time,that my mind presents me the list of things that need to be done.Its at that time that I remember all that I want to blog about..but the thoughts are swimming in my mind..going round and round around my head..I know..coz its almost like I am watching from outside!OK! now,I sound positively Cuckoo,even to myself.There are so many blog posts in my mind..I thought of writing them on a piece of paper,at 3 times in the last two days..but didn’t!Like I said,the thoughts are going around in circles,around my head!I keep thinking,I want to write a post..but all I do is lurk at blogs(sorry,I will start leaving comments again soon) and refresh my FB page like they are going to announce some earth-shattering piece of news there!

Two days back,as I was lying in bed,waiting to sleep,I remember the last set of clothes that needed ironing and hanging in the cupboard..I got up and went to the spare room and picked up the clothes..but the quiet in the house was soo eerie,I crept back in bed,waiting for sleep to come to me.And as I type this,I can’t stop thinking about the 4-5 hangers that are still hanging in Aadya’s cupboard.They need to be shifted to the study.Now,its not something that can’t be done tomorrow..then,why can’t I stop thinking about it?
Am I losing my mind?or have I turned into one of those OCD types?

Please tell me,its normal..May be its all those late nights and sleep-ins over the holidays..,eh?


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