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Sew it-Wrist Pin cushion

I finally dared!And joined Sew-it.I was very shy to join in,but Nima’s kind words were encouragement enough:)
I am glad I did.
This project was super cool..I finished it in half an hour flat!But,Oh My God!I can’t tell you,how nervous I am when I start cutting the fabric..My heart was literally racing,ready to burst out of my chest.And to think,it was just scrap fabric!But,when I finished..I was so happy.
My finishing is not so good..bobbin wasnt filled correctly.I unwound(?) it waste of good thread..but I dunno what I could have done to save it.I refilled the bobbin again..and will try it again.I didn’t have polyfill,so,cut up a dish scrubber and used foam from it.still have a piece leftover for my next attempt.
Here’s my pincushion-my first official SUCCESSFULLY completed sewing project!
Grubby little fingers,making a grab for Mamma’s new Bracel-let
My little Princess is suddenly into jewellery and she loved my new bracelet..and all my attempts of teaching her to call it pin cushion were met with”No mamma its ur Bracel-let!”
Well Whatever!!I am happy!!


3 thoughts on “Sew it-Wrist Pin cushion

  1. that’s cool trish…idea of using dish scrubber for filling…very creative thought.

    next time don’t throw away the cushions that we get with new watches…it’s a nice pincushion

    check out other projects that we did in Sew it…they are all simple and you can try that too


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