I haven’t touched paint in a L-O-N-G time..really long time..But,I never stopped thinking about paints.
I had a small stack of unopened paint pots that I finally gave away,when I was moving to Australia.I resisted and resisted and finally went out and bought myself some color…some acrylic paint,some water-based glass stain,some felt pens(they come in handy) and ofcourse yet another pack of crayons for my little one.We have already gone through countless boxes of crayons..and she is not even 3!
Anyway,this is about me and about the tulips..the bragging about your kid is the job requirement of being a mom.
So,tulips..hmm when we first started dating..It was Sanj’s birthday and I wanted to give him something handmade..So,made him a glass-painting of tulips,finished it well in time and got it framed with some crushed aluminium foil background and a matching frame.That frame still hangs in his our room in mumbai.

I had a bunch of tiles lying around and my hands were itching to get on them.
So,I washed one with soap and water,let it air dry.
Next,I transfered the design on the tile.and then started filling color(glass stain).But I did two things wrong-
In my haste to finish,I popped it in the oven( 300 deg C for 30 mins) too soon.The paint was still wet in some places.And I forgot to wipe off the outlines..
But,there is something beautiful,about the finished tile,despite all the imperfections.
See those paint Bubbles?I could have avoided those,if only I had waited a little longer:(


6 thoughts on “Tulips

  1. that happens to me as well…when i finish something in hurry…and later on regret for it….

    Your tulips looks beautiful…if you didn’t mention about the paint bubbles (lol)….


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