Sab Kuch theek ho jayega

Last thursday,Sanj had a stressful work day,which left him,irritated and ready to bite heads off,if you so much as looked at him.Aadi looks forward to her Baba coming home,and follows him around like a puppy,from the moment he steps in.She was obviously hurt,by Baba’s disinterest and longer than usual shower.
Somehow,we got through dinner and then,we all settled down,with our own activities-Aadi with her blocks,Sanj with the remote and me,I grabbed the laptop.
5 mins later the blocks were abandoned..I mentally got ready,to climbed over..but,I was in for a surprise..I heard her,ask Sanj,rather softly,”Baba,mujhe Godi lena hai?”[do you want to pick me up?]Sanj picked her up.
I fervently kept blogging,sure that my me-time was going to end soon.But,the dad-daughter corner was eerily quiet..I mean,when they are together..the house fills up with mock roars and delighted squeals..Or a chaos of scolding/screaming..but that day was very quiet.
Curious,I looked up,and the sight that met my eyes was so beautiful..
A beautiful little girl,sitting in her daddy’s lap,gently touching his face,patting his head,stroking his back.
A very surprised and visibly relaxed father,looking at his daughter with a look filled with love and awe.
Aadi was whispering something and Sanj was nodding,a faint smile on his lips…
They were holding each other,sharing a tight hug,now and then…I felt a little cheated at not being included in the circle of their love…but at the same time,I was comfortable,being the priviliged witness to this special moment.I didn’t want to intrude,for the fear of breaking the spell.I left them to themselves..
Later,that night,I asked Sanj,what they were talking about..and he told me that she kept whispering-”
That’s Ok Baba,don’t worry,Sab kuch theek ho jayega..” [everything will be alright]
Over and over,again and again…
I don’t know if it was her healing touch,or if it was her reassurance,whatever it was,it worked..
Things did work out the next day..But,I am still filled with a sense of being witness to something so surreal,something absolutely out of this world..


12 thoughts on “Sab Kuch theek ho jayega

  1. Wow. I have felt such moments too. Kids do know when YOU need them and they are there for you. This is what makes parenthood such an amazing experience


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