Waiting for Ganpati Bappa

First of all,I just want to thank all you lovely gals out there,who took the time to write to me,call me,hold my hand virtually.I am feeling much better now..But last week was the most hopeless..Sometimes,no matter what you do,you just can’t get brush off the sadness,that’s weighing your heart down..And that is what was going on with me..I was busy,doing other things,meeting friends but I just couldnt shake the gloom away.

Last night,I went for a workout..this time after a gap of 2 weeks..and that made me happy. So,this is what I was missing-45 minutes of hardcore Cardio!I just stopped for 30 seconds shifting from treadmill to the bike.And I was in such a good mood.

Today,I am in a good mood.I feel like there is so much to look forward to.For one,Sunday is Ganesh Chaturthi..And I am excitedly waiting for Ganpati Bappa’s arrival.We don’t bring the idol home,but,I make Modak and we do the Aarti.This year,it should be more fun,because Aadi loves her Ganpati Bapa and prays to him,every night before bed.

” Gampati Bapa,please help me shleep.Bless me,Gampati Bapa,Bless my Papa,my Mamma”..Ofcourse,we prompt her and if we forget she prompts us.So,when we told her that her Gampati Bapa is coming on Sunday,she is also excited..How we will explain his physical absence..I don’t know.

Another thing I am excited about is the Farmer’s market.A friend and I have decided to put up a stall in the local farmer’s market in two weeks time.Today I got the stuff that I had asked my sister to send me,from India..And I am soo thrilled.Whichever way it goes,it will be  an experience in itself.

And lastly,Costco is open here!!!And we are going to check it tomorrow.Even if it seems silly,but seeing the familiar names like Cascade,Dreft,etc..just warmed up my heart..Will tell you what I think of Costco Australia.

See you in a bit!!

Ganpati Bappa Moryaaaaaaaaa!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Ganpati Bappa

  1. I am so sorry that you are feeling so depressed…having been in the same boat, I can’t tell you how it can you weigh you down sometimes. Please try talking with Sanj without being confrontational adn tell him how Adi would enjou spending time with him. Do u have anyone who can babysit for a couple of hrs? Will email u soon. Just hang in there and enjoy Ganapati’s home coming! Ganapthi Baba Morya!


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