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Just Like That

This is one of those just like that posts that everyone of us writes sometime or other.And today of all days calls for one such post.
It has been a dull week and a half in Melbourne.When I say dull,I mean dull and gloomy.Other than one day,all other days have been dull,broody sort.And the weather can get to you..Long dark wintry evenings,dull cloudy days..longer work hours for S,onset of PMS- you get the idea,in short perfect recipe for gloom!Even Aadya’s non-stop chatter doesn’t cheer me up.
Yesterday was nice and sunny and we spent most of our morning outside.But,it was sunny and cold..I hate that combination.And Aadi didn’t want to come meltdown there.
Over the last week or so,I have dealt with so many meltdowns..the bad weather gets to her too,you,I don’t dwell on it.
Instead,I decided to do something with my hair.I had got some highlights put in,when I went to India last..way back in Jan 2008.I never get around to going back for touch ups.My hair has a brownish tinge & the stylist gave me golden highlights…I so didn’t want that.He called me again,but there was hardly anytime,as we were leaving in 3 days and going back with a 9 month old in tow,didn’t seem very appealing.Instead I waited the mandatory 4 weeks and recolored it myself.But so much coloring,decreasing pregnancy hormone,changing water of 2-3 cities…took its toll on my hair and while it was still soft,it just had a brittle look.Anyway,I have decided no more color for me.The highlights have since grown and are at the shoulder level.I conditioned it with Henna today and love the softness and color of it.I think I’ll just get a nice hair-cut now,from one of those nice Salons.What say you?To chop or not?
Today I am in mood to read something cheesy-like gossip magazine or something.I searched the entire house and didn’t find anything..Nothing Nada…Guess will just turn to google Baba.
News on Aadya front-Well my little girl goes to day-care once a week,starting Friday.I am excited and nervous..As for Aadi,that calls for another post,naturally 🙂
I want to read some nice fun books..I haven’t had much luck with books since my last stock which had “A Splendid Suns” and “finding Nouf” .Anybody has any titles to share??
Watched Kambakht Ishq waste of time..Please God,Let one good new Hindi Movie
be released.PLEASE!
Please tell me something nice,to cheer me up..PLEASEEEEEEEEEE


5 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. it's my bday tomorrow. and it's exactly one year since we met. and i miss you!!!! MUAH!!! cheer up! the sun shall shine brightly again… soon! 🙂


  2. yes isnt Kambakht Ishq the PITs…thank the good Lord that I watched it on DVD and did not break the cinema vrat for it. I will be very firm and only go in for My name is Khan


  3. I'd suggest CHOP – good for a change and easy to manage. Now the real reason – I always wear my hair short and envy people with long hair :)Don't be too worried about Pip going to daycare. My son started his pre school a couple of weeks ago and he has taken it very well. He's already waving Byes happily when we see him off.All the best.


  4. I have taking a liking for David Baldacci…if u like political conspiracies, go for his books. I was recommended The horse whisperer by Poppy…an alright read.


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