Melbourne · Pipetty-ness · Winter

Short days and Long Nights

The last few days have been so full that even S has taken to asking,What’s keeping you so busy?Well,the thing with him is,if and when I call him up,he tells me “I am busy”..even before I can say hello..So these days I don’t call him up and suddenly out of the blue he calls up,saying,”what’s keeping you so busy?ek call bhi nahi kar sakte?”Umm..”Isnt that my line,”I ask…mumble mumble..something something he says…basically to make me feel like I am ignoring him.But I am not..really just as I am not ignoring the blog(s).Winter is almost here,days are short and nights longer.By 6.30 its pitch dark and I spent the first week feeling miserable,homesick and depressed.Then,I decided to make the most of the day.So,I rearranged our day.Instead of going out for a walk,after Aadya woke up from her nap,we go in the morning.We have a light breakfast ,followed by an early lunch and head off to the town center.Its a nice 20 minute walk.First stop is the play area.Aadya plays there for about 40-45minutes,then,we browse through the stores.By the time we come back,almost 3 hours have passed.Then,its time for the Aadya’s nap.She naps,while,I pick up my knitting or crochet projects.On days that I dont feel like going for a walk,we spend an hour or so in the garden..and then head to the park after lunch.The park is really,just outside.I just have to open the gate and and we are in the park.But,this new schedule suits us well..After a busy morning,its nice to unwind in the evening and the darkness doesnt seem so bad.I start cooking only after it gets dark and so that one hour or so goes by really fast.Aadya likes to help me and so,cooking is fun.

That’s how we are spending our short days and long nights..What do you do in winter,to keep depression and boredom away?

P.S.I tried to post pictures I dunno how many times..but my internet connection is very bad.I will try again another day.


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