Color Me up

Its been long since I put up anything on this blog.But that doesn’t mean that I have abandoned this blog.Its just that,I don’t have any more finished projects to display.
Also,we moved houses and we didn’t have phone or internet connection for more than 10 days after we moved in.I cannot tell you,how disoriented and “out-of-touch” with the world I felt.
Anyway,all’s well now.
Now for my current projects-
1) I am making more of those hats- for 2 friends.
2) I started knitting a sweater from my little girl.This will be the first sweater I finish all by myself.My speciality in knitting is blankets and scarves.
This is the yarn that I am using for it.dsc02450

Isn’t it Beautiful?I have had it for 6 months now..Made a hat with it,tried crochet and finally started knitting.

Like what you see?Check back in a few days to see the finished result.


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