gift bags

Glittery Gift Bags


Last weekend,when I was at the craft store,I something glittery caught my eye.I saw this lovely ball of  shimmery pink yarn.And the first thought that came to my mind was pouches-gift bags,jewellery poches,or just plain coin purses.

I didn’t  have any set pattern for this and just kept working instinctively.It took me about 3 hours,over 4 days and the end result is beautiful.

Material used- Anchor arista crochet thread (20% metal polyester-80%viscose)

Pricing-$8 AUD (free shipping with two orders,within australia)

Shipping from- Australia

Shipping to-Anywhere


2 thoughts on “Glittery Gift Bags

  1. Great! Will send you a snap of one of my purses. You can make a “gol batwa”. Make a doily-like base. One single crochet round at the edge and then go on giving it some height.


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