Bye-Bye USA

So we are officially off the US soil.4 years,6 moves,5 major road-trips across various states, so many other smaller road trips,later, we finally said good-bye to the US of A. This move was much awaited..but still leaving finally wasn’t easy. I felt like a phase of life was ending and a whole new phase was beginning.The last couple weeks have been crazy…we have been on a roller coaster literally.And boy travelling with uncertainty is never fun.But we made it.We are still in transit..well living out of suitcases..is technically transit..even if its indefinitely.
Thank you for all your wishes.
And now,I don’t know how else to say this,but directly. Blogging openly has been fun..but I guess its time to disappear into anonymity.And though technically I wont be anonymous..coz ‘most of you are not strangers anymore..and know me..:) but still having the option of not being “google-able” is a biggie.
I know where to reach the regulars..and would send them an invite..coz hey,I am not running away..:) and I love hearing from you guys.
As for the lurkers..you are welcome too..just send me your id..so,I can send you an invite too.
Leave me a comment with your email..rest assured,comments with email ids will not be published 🙂
Take care,people..Be good!


7 thoughts on “Bye-Bye USA

  1. wow! does that mean that im brialliant ?so cool!do i still have to go to school tho ?all the best trish aunty…i wish u luck and hope to hear from u soon and love to aadya


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