Mother’s instinct

In case you are wondering,where we were last few days,let me tell you we were right here..cooped up at home.The Viral monster was visiting and had all of us in his grip. What started as a normal cough-sneeze routine,turned into a full blown viral infection,even before we could say,”Bless you”..We had a bit of a scare,when Aadya’s fever refused to go down,even with regular doses of tylenol and the cough kept getting worse. Two trips to the ped’s office, countless doses of tylenol administered and she is still recuperating..the fever is on and off and the coughing still the same..hoarse,deep throated. Anyway,when she feels fresh,after her nap, she just plays and plays and then,she gets tired and wants mumma to carry her around.Which is fine on normal days..but when Mumma herself was fighting off fever and infection and dealing with so many health problems, carrying her around can be difficult.
So,we were generally in an irritable mood,both of us snapping at the father..well me snapping,she scratching..So,I decided to just watch some movies to cheer myself up. And I have seen,that Aadya wants me to carry her,only when I am on the phone,or trying to cook or clean.So,I decided to just take a break.Be a couch potato and stare at the idiot box. I am not a big TV fan,so there are not too many things that I like watching.But sometime back,while channel surfing,I saw the trailer of a movie on Lifetime and that seemed interesting. The name of the movie was Little Girl Lost. I was intrigued,and had saved it on DVR. This was one of the movies that I watched,in the last two days.
Little Girl Lost is based on a real life story. Its the story of a mother,who has been told that her newborn daughter didn’t survive the fire that burnt down her house. But she is not convinced.Infact,she is sure that her baby was still out there somewhere.Its the story of a mother’s conviction and her strength,her willpower and determination to fight anything and anyone and to just find her daughter.Its a beautifully made movie. It moved me to tears.The mother finally reunited with her daughter after 6 years. But not before fighting with the person who had kidnapped her,as a baby. Even after it was proved that this little girl was indeed her baby,the mother had to wait till the child was emotionally ready for the change.
The most touching part of the movie was..when the mother is told by a social worker,how upset the little girl is..the mother says,”Its so ironical,the happiest day of my life,is the saddest day of her life,” Oh..its a beautifully made story..I had my heart in my mouth till the little girl didnt get home and I wanted to reach out and hug the mother.
This movie is based on a real life story-The details are here
While I was watching the movie,I dont know when,Aadya came and cuddled up next to me..And then ,as I held, her,she fell asleep. As I breathed in her sweet baby smell,I realised how lucky I am to be able to hold her,watch her grow…Delimar’s mother, missed all that.She couldn’t rock her baby to sleep,she couldn’t watch her sleep..She had to find out her daughter’s likes and dislikes,by asking her questions,not know it instinctively..So many things we take for granted,so many things need to be treasured.
I think at the moment I forgot about my aching arms..putting her down,just didnt seem like an option..I just held her closer and stayed that way,for the longest time.


7 thoughts on “Mother’s instinct

  1. Many of those Lifetime movies are like this…real stories, that break one’s heart. Yep, it is true that we take small things for granted…Take care and get well soon.


  2. Abha- :)Thanx getting better :)2b’s mommy=thanx :)WM- :)Avanti- yes and so true na?NEera- yes..only when we see something like this that,realisation hits home :)Shobana- yes,I like watching Lifetime movies too..only because they are so real!


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