Ray and Sunshine

Yes! It happenned. We met Rayshma and boy! was it fun.
Let me start at the very beginning..I am sure by now,you all know my penchant for details.
So,I spoke to Rayshma on Thursday afternoon and we decided on meeting..well, we’d have to take a small detour..but anything for a friend.
So,I hung up tellling her I would discuss the plan with Sanj and get back to her with details.I spoke to Sanj,planned out everything and we decided to go to her place on Sunday..and in all the excitement,I forgot to call up Raysh and tell her what day we were going to stop by.
So,Saturday morning Rayshma called me up and asked me if we were going to visit and that’s when I realised,my blunder.
Anyway,the date was set..we were meeting on Sunday for lunch. Then happenned Blunder no.2.
Rayshma told me the approximate time,it would take us to reach..and in some crazy state of mind,I just heard the last part and that it was a 2 hour drive..happily told Sanj.. When we put fed the address into the GPS, it said 4 hours..and Raysh said..yeah thats right..that’s what I told you..That’s when I realised..My brain had shut off long back.
So,anyway,we reached their town at around 3.30pm..actually around 3.00pm and then we stopped to pick up cheesecake..she loves it..how could I go see her,without bringing one along.
We first met Vin,he came down to tell Sanj where to park..Aadya,who was screaming and babbling just a few second ago had metamorphosed into a shy little girl,on seeing him.
As we were climbing up the stairs to get to their apartment,we were greeted with drool-inducing yummalicious aroma.I wonder how Vin and Raysh stopped themselves from eating. And then,there was Rayshma…wearing a Cute T-Shirt..which said she was PURRRRRRRRRRFect!hhehe..
And after that,we just attacked the food…all of us were starving and did full justice to Rayshma’s yummy chicken curry..yumm yumm. Aadya was torn between clinging to me and sneaking glances at Vin and Raysh,who were competing with each other for her smile. And then,half way through the meal,she bestowed Aunty R with a sweet smile. Uncle Vin had to try some more.
Aadi was tired and it was a hot day,new place.She was hungry too..she stuck to me like Super-glue. At one time,her face was almost sticking to my lips..like if she had a choice,she would just disappear into me. As we chomped on,conversation flowed,so effortlessly. I had spoken to Rayshma and knew she would be fun to talk to..And we are both natural chatter-boxes..but I was wondering how the husbands would take to each other. Well,they did so well. For one,they had their quirky wives to discuss.. how we none of us knew any major details about the other.. but knew the smallest things that happenned in our lives..and that was ice-breaker enough.
So, without any beers or any other tongue-looseing agent, the hubbies chatted too..It was so much fun,sharing stories,giggling non-stop,completing each others sentences..Sanj takes his own time opening up with new people but this time was different.It never felt like we were meeting for the first time.
When I cribbed about Aadya being too clingy,I was chided immediately by her Aunty R..who made me admit..that I wouldn’t be too happy if she wasn’t clingy and was happily running off with strangers.
Just when Aadi was beginning to get comfortable,it was almost time to leave. But before leaving,she shared a gibberish story with Rayshma and taught her a quick trick to take off her shirt..first she demonstrated then urged Raysh to try it..ofcourse,Raysh had to politely decline. But,they were friends and before leaving Aadi gave her a kissie..ofcourse there was none for Vin.
We said goodbyes, hugged and were on our way..we had a long drive ahead..but a beautiful scenic drive..through small texas towns. And ofcourse,I was looking at it all through my happy glasses .
I was really glad we took this detour..even if it was a long one…but it was totally worth it. It was really really nice meeting Raysh & Vin.. now,I am looking forward to seeing them again..hopefully in this part of the state.
Oh and its Rayshma’s birthday today..so hop over and wish her.

Hey Rayshma, Here’s wishing you a fantastic birthday,full of happy happy things.Enjoy your Birthday and have a great year!

7 thoughts on “Ray and Sunshine

  1. Sounds like such a great afternoon spent. & I love your penchant for details. It’s great to bond so well with people u’ve known online.


  2. oye!! here i am… subscribed to two other blogs which are urz!!! πŸ˜€ and not to this one, where u actually post!!!! geez… i’m feeling so silly now!!! πŸ˜€


  3. and oh.. in the excitement of my discovery of this blog… forgot to tell u… LOVE the post! πŸ™‚ and the title! πŸ˜€ thx so much, gurl! shall sure catch up with u guys soon! πŸ™‚


  4. M&A- I think its fun to meet blog-pals because you already have a certain idea about them..you hook up with people you click on instantly..and as for this meeting..its was absoultely fun!!Rayshma- LOL!! @ you subscribing to the other blogs..and not this one πŸ˜€ And come on over..whenever!!


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