7 thoughts on “My little rider

  1. Very cute – with her cell phone – cool kid looks! :)Brings back memories already though KB is only going to be three – he used to do this when he was like 17 m old or so – he would sit for a long time having imaginary conversations on my cell phone…laugh loudly, pause etc etc… You should post more pics with both her eyes clearly showing – she looks so cute…


  2. Aww…such a cutey! there’s a mini cellphone lover here too 🙂 Hey I used to read this blog of yours earlier..dint realize gypsy was you 😀


  3. So very sweet in the bike. Kids these days love the cellphone and other electronic gadgets – laptop, remote, washing machine. Does Aadi blabber something with the phone? My child loves to have a imaginary conversation on the phone.


  4. Noon- Yes, she has those conversations too..and Yes pic with both eyes showing coming up!Itchy- thanks :)Subhashree- 🙂 Thanks AM-Hugs,right back at you..:)Pumpkin’s mom – Hey thanx for coming back..I was going to leave a comment on ur blog about gypsy..but forgot i guess :)Aditi’s Mom- Oh yess blabbering all the time..Like she has her own stories to tell.And I dunno how these kids are so obsessed with electronics 😀


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