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Of This is and Wossthis…

“This is” and “Wossthis” are the two terms munchkin is heard saying these days.. She picks up something from the ground,when we are out for our walk and says,”This is?” with her head cocked to one side, all of her 6 teeth showing.Its just so darn cute.And she doesn’t get tired of it.

She points to some random thing,a book ,the pillow,the cellphone,anything and says..”This is..” with so much force,gritting her teeth and saying it perfectly.

Ask her What’s this and she says,”Wossthis??” back to you.The chattering continues..non-stop.The latest word that she has picked up is”Shabaash” (well done) And I wonder how.. because the only person,who says it is my dad..and we rarely use it.But give her her bottle and she says”Alle Shabaash”.
As soon as she hears any one’s voice on the phone,she wants to hold it and talk to them.Its almost impossible for us to talk on the phone when the Munchkin is around.She keeps nagging till we don’t give her the phone,resorting even to tantrums to get it.And as soon as she gets it,all the tears and tantrums are forgotten and the person on the other end hears a sweet”Hi” and a shrill,excited “aaja aaja aaaja“(Come,come,come). On other times,she is puts whatever is in her hand,her building blocks,the remote or the phone to her ear and says Hayo…What makes the Munchkin very mad is if we try to give her the switched off phone instead of the working phone,the one that we are talking on..And then,after admonishing the offending parent,she promptly hands back the No-No phone and demands for the phone in our hands.Kids,these days,I tell you.
Today,I asked her to go call Papa.She stood in the corridor between the living room and the bedroom and kept calling him..Aao Aao..Aaoooooo( come,come) .Then,I said, Go and ask Papa to come out.So, she went to the bedroom,where the GP was net-surfing and patted his hand and blabbered somethings like Mamma..manamamanaa mammmaa..and kept tugging his hand till he didn’t get up :)I see, I’ve got myself a little task-master..At least she can drag the GP away from his precious computer.
Speaking of blabbering,the Munchkin now says complete sentences of gibberish..4-5 word sentences in baby language and she gets frustrated if we don’t understand.Today she was eating a banana sitting in her high chair and I was singing some rhymes to her. And then she spotted a book. So I gave her the book and picked up the phone lying next to it to call up the GP. While the phone was ringing,I started showing her pictures from the book and suddenly she got very excited and angry.So,I let her read the book herself,thinking,she doesn’t want me to help.I continued talking. But now she got even more angry.So I kept the phone on the table..and took her out of the chair,thinking that’s what she wants. She was still upset.I tried giving her the book again and her plate…still angry..finally frustrated,she pointed at the phone, with a “you-are-so-dumb”look on her face.Ye!!Ye!! she kept pointing till I didn’t give her the phone..and then,she happily chattered on to her father,while I waited for my turn.
On a completely different note: I went to the Gym today after almost 10 days.The GP,was working really long hours..he was away last three weekends and I realised how difficult it is to be a single parent.I was so tired of dealing with tantrums, Munchkin missing the GP,Missing the GP myself..being stuck at home on a weekend…I was ready to scream..and scream I did.Anyway,I digress,so I went to the gym today and it feels good.I like feeling the after-a-workout,dull ache in the limbs.And more than anything else,it makes me feel fresh. Did 40 minutes of cardio today.

My statcounter tells me that a lot of you have been googling “gypsymumma”…while the increasing stats flatter me,I am curious to know about you 🙂 So,if you would please,take a minute and drop me a line,you will make my day.Hope to hear from you 🙂

5 thoughts on “Of This is and Wossthis…

  1. Heheh! Her antics sound so cute!! I use the word Shabash a lot! and Anirudh has picked it up from me!And yes, we mommies do need a time away just for us! its maddening otherwise!


  2. Hehehe…it’s always so much fun to read Munchkin updates! She is simply adorable! Like her, P, too points to anything that catches his fancy with an assertive – ‘This!’. Boy! kids sure love this word, don’t they? And good luck with the exercise regimen. 🙂


  3. Hi Trishna,Hope things are okay by this time for you after the gym session!Aadya is super 🙂 i wonder why all kids are after phones, cos my friends kid is crazy abt phone, and you know what he did?They normally keep their landline in a step reachable to him, and he like this number 999 always and it went to police and somebody answered him and it seems he was happy to hear some voice and kept on going with making calls to 999 for a week, and wonder what my friend received letter from police saying they will be produced in court if there is one more call and so they shifted it to kitchen now :)And what happened to you! you know iam also expecting your mail :)did you check my blog!hope to hear from you too dear


  4. munchkin sounds sooo perfect!! :Dand tell me about hubby traveling and weekends at home!! they indeed can be tiring and exasperating!!gym??!! whats that??!! :(thoroughly enjoyed reading your post!!hugsabha


  5. My girl goes around saying ‘This is …’ and mostly ends up saying ‘This is this’. But she pciked up from her nursery where they sing and dance and do point and show/say games. Nice update about your little one.


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