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Happy Father’s day to Aadya’s Papa

Its DH’s first Father’s Day and I had been thinking about doing a special post for him…First I thought I would a do a post with all his favorite pictures- of Aadya and Of Him and Aadya together..Then I thought I’ll write a letter to him from his precious Princess.. And then it struck me why not write a note to him telling him how I feel of his new role..So, here I am pouring my heart out to the newest DAD in my life…..

Hey Sweetheart,

Happy Father’s Day to you!

This year,on your first official dad’s day… I just want to tell you how happy I am that you are my daughter’s dad. When I first met you,the one of the many things that I liked about you was that you were so involved in your family- How you always took the time to accompany your parents to their social obligations,I had not seen that in guys our age..and so it just touched my heart.. earned you a special place there 🙂
When we were dating, I was the one going gaga over babies and you… well, instead of freaking out and running away from commitment, just smiled and indulged me.. taking me baby shopping, any time you had to pick up gifts for your cousins or friends kids 🙂 And the way you would pay attention to detail and to each child’s likes and dislikes.. just warmed up my heart a little more…in fact a lot more.
On the day of our engagement , when I introduced you to one of my nephews as “Uncle”, the way your eyes widened,I was a little worried about how my plan of “house full of babies” would work..But instantly, you recovered and happily took up your new role as “Uncle”, clowning around with my naughty nephews and nieces.Who does that on their engagement day.. ? That day I thanked you by getting annoyed.. but today I want to say..”Thank You”.I loved you even more from that instant.
When we got married and started talking about babies..you would just smile and not say much.. making me think.. if you are really ready? And then, we were left holding Baby Tuktuk,when her parents missed the train and I saw you comfort that scared baby. The way you kept your cool in front of that screaming baby.. and all I could do was just watch you in amazement.That moment I knew..that I may not be as ready as I think I am but You are definitely ready to have a baby.
When we were trying to get pregnant, and I would get disappointed and depressed with every negative pregnancy test,you kept me going. When I was ready to give up, you were the one who told me ,its going to happen. Last Mother’s Day, when I was so raw and emotional,you brought me a cake and a plant as a mother’s day gift…That beautiful plant with its cute purple butterfly.. is by far the best gift you ever gave me.. For that told me how much you love me.. and also made me hopeful all over again. Could that be a reason for Aadya’s fetish with Purple Butterflies? Coz I did get pregnant in the very next cycle.
The way you hugged me when the doctor told us about my positive pregnancy test and how you took care of me and our unborn baby for the next 9 months was amazing…. I never expected you to just take charge of the house as if you had been doing it all your life.. those special cups of tea that greeted me as soon as I walked out of the bedroom.. were my special treats.. and not to forget the foot-rubs, that I shamelessly asked you for,no matter how tired you were 🙂 Driving out to god knows Where all, just to look for the perfect flavor of ice cream or just the right tamarind Chutney or yummm Thai TOMYUM soup just because “The Baby wants it”
I collected all the baby books and pregnancy books,You read them.. and cross checked on the Internet..while all I did was “Be Pregnant”!
When I got gestational diabetes, you so selflessly gave up eating sweets, your favorite treats.. I know even I cant do it so effortlessly *Blush*

When you got lost in wonder looking at Aadya, when she first saw the lights of the world and how you held her for the first time, forgetting everyone including me what I saw in your eyes was pure joy! And watching you both together,was just so so sweet… What was funny was that the nurse had to nudge you 3 times before you finally let go of your precious bundle.. only to follow her to the nursery.. Now, when I think of those moments,my eyes water up and a fond smile plays on my lips.. and when I watch you sleeping peacefully with Aadya lying happily in the crook of your arm,I feel so so blessed.

When I watch you with Aadya,I know things will just get better and better .. you will just get more and more involved.. be a part of her life today and always..Whether you are sleeping with her, rocking her, blowing raspberries on her tummy or just changing her diaper.. all I see is love!! I know you are a great dad and will just keep getting better and better..:)

When you say thank-you to me every single day for this Precious Gift ,Aadya..I just smile.. cause I know..she is as much your gift to me , as mine to you.. And I also want to just tell you Thank-you for all the love, joy and happiness you have brought to my life.. 🙂

As I end this note,All I want to tell you is… Be healthy ,my love.. for there are so many more wonderful days awaiting us… so many beautiful father’s days when Aadya would be a more involved participant of the celebration rather than just being a cuddler ( though I know thats all you need right now..)So, sweetie, take care of yourself.. be healthy..beat the diabetes.. For me and For Aadya

Happy Father’s Day,My Darling!!

I just read this today-

“Its so much easier to become a father than to be one”<somewhere

-Kent Nerburn

And I know.. this is just perfect for you…because you were a father in your mind and heart even before you became one.

Love you loads,today and Always


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