Baby SS- Your Crib is waiting for you

2 weeks back, as it dawned on me that I would be completing 36 weeks soon , I knew it was time to set up a crib for baby SS. Everyone was telling me that its going to be anytime after that and apparently, I took it literally. That could be one of the reasons for my disappointment and impatience.Anyway, back to the crib- so, we had start from the very beginning and that was choosing the crib. Now we had been looking at cribs for months and had also picked out a favorite. But the trouble was getting the crib home. The crib that we liked was beautiful. But,it was also Big and heavy. And DH didn’t have lifting buddies to carry it home from the parking lot. And the stores were charging exorbitant delivery charges. So, our search for the perfect crib was still on.
That’s when my friend Pooja came to the rescue. I came to know Pooja through a pregnancy website.She is also due in April .What is so great about our friendship is we met as strangers, exchanged emails and as our pregnancies progressed we have come to be good friends. I wish our friendship continues to grow. So, Pooja suggested that I look at the crib that she picked up for her baby from Babies’R’us and we went and checked it out and we loved it. So, there it was.. Our perfect crib. We had probably seen that crib during our previous trips to BRU , but just never saw it in the color and finish that we liked. And that day, there it was. Just waiting for us. We even picked up the perfect bedding set to go with it and set it up when we came home.

So, the crib is ready, waiting for Baby SS to arrive and grace it.
But looking at the empty crib makes me yearn for Baby SS even more. Every time I enter our bedroom,yes , I plan to room her in for the first few months( or forever), and see the crib , I wonder if I left SS somewhere unattended and then I look at my belly and remember that she is fine, safely snuggled inside.


2 thoughts on “Baby SS- Your Crib is waiting for you

  1. Oh Trishna, The crib looks beautiful, cozy and warm. I love the mobile that you’ve hung up. I assure you baby SS will spend many happy moments just looking and cooing at the mobile.I am looking for a new crib for Ananya.I know I’ll have to move her to a toddler bed in 7-8 months. But her current crib was not a good buy in the first place. Let me see what I can get in the market here.Thanks for the pics of the crib.


  2. Thanxx SM.I hope she enjoys it as much as we enjoy looking at it and imagining her. Her daddy loves the mobile and plays it for her every nite already!I hope you find a good crib for Ananya. This crib gets converted to a toddler bed. I hope you find something similar. All the best for your search for the perfect Crib!


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