Is it a girl or a boy?

Nov 10th,06

We were scheduled to have an ultrasound that day and were also going to meet our new OB. I was a little nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I really wanted to like this doctor. I had heard good reviews about her from all the nurses at Labor and Delivery at the two hospitals i was considering and at the same time i wanted to feel comfortable with her from the first meeting itself. Looking for another doctor wasn’t something I was looking forward too.
And Excited ..Because i was going to see my baby again. and possibly know if its a boy or a girl! Before getting pregnant I always thought,I would not want to find out the sex of the baby. but now the curiosity is too much.
So, we went for the ultrasound. and Guess what? the baby was not in a social mood. S/he just didn’t want to move. S/he was sleeping peacefully, curled up so tight that we couldn’t even see its hands and legs. all we could see was the back, arched spine and the head. And also its little heart beating beautifully. Every time I see that little heart beating I feel so proud! It is just too overwhelming!
As for the doctor, I loved her! She is just so cool.I think we hit it off instantly and I got such positive vibes from her.
But baby dearest had decided not to cooperate and so when we tried to listen to the heartbeat,s/he decided its time to get up and take a swim! and So we could hear the heartbeat! I was a little disappointed, even a little upset.
My little peanut is 17 weeks and 5 days old. We scheduled a Level II ultrasound for Nov.28th 2006


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