Helloooo world!

I have a day off today and had big plans to study but spent most of my morning hanging out in my room, staying out of the way of those who are studying and working. I had Mr.Mowgli for company and used my time wisely to make some phone calls that were long overdue .

And now, it’s lunch time, I made myself a cup of packet soup (Asian Laksa, in case you are curious) and decided to settle down for some studying. But one child is using my laptop and another has occupied my office. I could use the work tablet to sign in but I try to keep work and school separate, so here I am 😊 Just stopping by to say hello and document a few things.

So, we are in Lockdown 6.0 – it seems never ending and COVID fatigue or Lockdown fatigue has kicked in big time. It’s knocked me out for the sixes that’s for sure. The girls are unhappy about logging in from home as well. The only person that seems unaffected is SP. But, then he is an introvert and was also used to this style of working pre-COVID.

Don’t worry, this post is not going to be all doom and gloom. Today is a bright sunny day and that’s making me smile. Last week I also started a new role professionally. And that is super exciting too. The only downer is that I had to do an online handover for the last role and do my own onboarding online. But my new team leader is lovely and set me up for one on one with all the members of the team through out the week, so that was nice.

Usually on my day off, I am bustling around in the kitchen doing the laundry and any other mundane tasks that are pending from the week/weekend. Today, I just decided to give myself a break . And now I am trying to beat the iPad that has 15% battery left, to finish this post.

Today reminds me of the time when I was a 20-something newly wed, living in Toronto or a suburban American town, not a care in the world. I would wake up, make myself a cup of tea and log in to chat with friends and family in India, write a blog post ( although I do regret not starting a blog in those early years) ,craft, watch a movie, go to the library- you get the idea. But obviously, that’s not an option now..working full time, having kids mean more responsibilities. But, every now and again,having a day like this helps.

SP took a photo of MrMowgli and me this morning:) sharing it here to remind myself to take a break every now and again 🙂

MsAn has returned my laptop, so I should try and get some studying done before they finish school for the day. Also in the time that it took me write this post, with interruptions, the weather has changed from sunny to cloudy and there was a quick hail shower too – that’s Melbourne weather for you. But my mood is cheery now 🙂

If you are reading this, do stop and say hi 🙂

❤️ Trish


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