☀️ She is my Sunshine ☀️

I received this message today and it instantly raised my happiness quotient to 100% .

My Nanya, I have always said she has such a caring, giving soul – she really is . And I am not saying this just because I am her mum.

I remember when she was a toddler and we were invited to a SuperHero birthday party. All the kids were excited to see Captain America. Lil MsAn, found my friend’s brother-in-law, sitting alone in the second lounge room – checking something on his phone. She planted herself next to him, babbling away, until he finally joined the rest of the party.

At childcare, kinder, every time I ran into another parent, they’d tell me how loving she is. At school this year, I don’t have the luxury of leisurely drop offs & pickups, but when I do meet other parents, they always tell me how delightful she is.

This message came at the right time- a time when I was worried and thinking about the things that worry her.

What does an 8 year old worry about you ask ? Friends mostly. Friendship problems, she worries about fitting in – she is a person on her own but she also knows that she is different- different because she likes things that other girls don’t usually like.

She likes playing games that boys do, but boys don’t always want to play with girls. And she doesn’t want to always play with the boys.

There are some girls that she wants to play with but she doesn’t like the games they play. And then there are others that seek her out, but she is chasing other friends. Sometimes, she tells me, walking around by herself is more fun and it breaks my heart into a million pieces, just like that.

It’s complicated, you see.

That’s why messages like these make me happy. They give me hope.. that it will be ok. They make me feel happy because she made someone’s day better. And not to forget, all that good karma that she is cashing in.

Speaking of Cash – On Halloween, the last house that we knocked on, belonged to a set of new parents. Their little Bub is probably a couple of months old and Halloween was probably the last thing on their mind. Anyway, the guy quickly grabbed his wallet and pulled out 2 $20 notes and gave it to the kids .

There were 3 of them and he only had 2 notes. We said No, but he insisted and apologised that he only had two notes. The girls said thank you & moved on. But the little girl that didn’t get the money was sad. MsAn didn’t even hesitate for a second before offering her friend the money . It’s beyond me how someone so little can be so selfless.

We were eating lunch at the food court, the other day and SP had to make a phone call. While we were waiting, Ms An decided to teach me the lyrics of a song from this video game she plays. She was so patient too. When we I got tired of that, she put up an impromptu performance for me.

Just watching doing her own thing- singing and dancing – and I had this overwhelming wave of love hit me – I hope she continues singing, shining her way through whatever life throws her way, spreading joy and cheer as she goes.

She is a hugger, like her mumma. She goes about spreading joy, one hug at a time.

If MsA was my first true love, MsAn is my soulmate – she literally came into my life and took control – completely!

As some of my friends say, she has me wrapped around her little pinkie finger 🙂🙂

I leave you with a picture of my precious at her favourite spot .. making music


2 thoughts on “☀️ She is my Sunshine ☀️

  1. So beautifully penned, have these tears in my eyes and smile on my face, imagining how blessed you both are to have each other 🙂 stay blessed! Ananya is such a beautiful little big person xx !


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