Day 25

I can’t think of a clever title today. I am still sore from my workout on Friday and today I went into the pool with Nanhi,because SD was playing injured soldiers. He got hit by a fast ball on his shoulder and when he woke up this morning,it was swollen ..I could see the swelling through his T-shirt! He has an X-Ray scheduled tomorrow.
Oh and I have a bit of a sad news 😦 Ok OK.. I am being dramatic!But,I found my first Grey hair yesterday..and I’ve been so sad:( Just last month,I was talking to my BFF and told her,I was tempted to color my hair,but I decided against it,coz I didn’t need it…and now its come back to bite me in the back!!:(
I had my assessment with my trainer on Friday and though there is no major weight-loss,I managed to lose the 2 kgs I had put on with Diwali.
But,I have doubled my timings in most of my physical tests which makes me so happy and proud! Someone was selling an elliptical trainer and I grabbed it,got it home today and we set it up in the living room,so I can workout when the kids are in bed.What I hadn’t accounted for was the little monkey that lives in our house.After the elliptical was set up,I hopped on to try and in less than 10 secs,Nanhi climbed up..she has no fear and she is so light on her feet..I promise I am not saying it just because she is mine. She was so swift as if she has been doing it all her life. I freaked out.SD grabbed her and we shifted the coffee table across to using it like a baby-gate!
My initial thoughts were to sell it right away..but when I calmed down,I thought against it. I stuffed a sheet across the wheel-it will just mean that extra step for me,when I want to work out,but if it will keep her little fingers safe,its worth it!!
Anyway..a new week begins tomorrow. Tonight at bedtime,Aadi said to me,”You know what mumma,I am sad its Sunday today. I am very happy when its Friday…” I had to keep a straight face..but my God!! do the Monday Blues really start that early?
How was your weekend?? Hope you had a good one 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. Gosh! glad to hear she is fine..that would be scary eh

    Please tell Aadi, this masi of hers shares the same feelings on Mondays 🙂

    and LOL on teh first white hair…darling, I have many many and more many 🙂


    1. OMG!RM my heart was in my mouth!
      LOL!I will tell her,she loves Masis who like the same things as her!!:D
      I am still mopey.. but it cheers me up that I can actually color it now!!:D how much longer before more start showing?


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