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This time its Babushka..

I really don’t know what is going on in the Suburban House. I really feel,I should change the name of this blog to something like a Medical journal..or something.
When I was pregnant I noticed a new mole of Bab’s leg.I didn’t pay any attention to it,because,I keep sprouting new moles all the time..they come and go..
But Bab’s mole kept changing.In the last 4 months,since Babychino’s birth,it grew in size,asymmetrically and got darker. Every time I saw it,I felt anxious..
Finally yesterday,I took her to the GP.The GP took one look at it and said,without a minute’s hesitation that it looked dodgy and we should remove it.
I didn’t even wait to go back with SD. I just got it removed then and there..I was just going to ask the Dr. about what it could be and then I saw the biopsy needle.I swear,I could feel my heart beating so loudly..I was sure,it was echoing in the whole room.
The Dr. said that they have to test it for Melanoma.She said,9 out 10 cases are fine..but we need to rule out all the possibilities..She said,she felt,it would probably be nothing
She said she will call me,if something is wrong..otherwise I should relax…But how can I? How can anyone…?
We really need some space cleansing vibes here.. some VERY STRONG positive vibes that will drive away all these sickies away!
I hope the new year brings in good luck and good health our way!


8 thoughts on “This time its Babushka..

  1. Ohh not good I hope and wish everything clears up very soon.. So what did the Dr. say what is it ..
    God bless the little one .. she will be fine ..

    and heres wishing no more health problems in the household anymore


  2. She will be alright, you are worrying for no reason, I know its easy for me to console..But mommy mind works that me everything is going to be fine..Lot of hugs and take care of yourself..


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