Ananya Birth Story-3

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We went to the OT at around 3 PM,because would you believe it,there was another emergency case. The walk to OT from the labor ward seems surreal to me..Aadi held my hand all the way and it took all my will-power to not cry when I said good bye to her..I kissed her and told her,’Mumma and Papa would be back with her baby sister soon’..She said,she would be waiting right outside..and said ALL the BEST!
We went inside,they asked Sanj to change into his scrubs while they took me in for preps..We started with the epidural..everyone was so good and encouraging.They had to try a few times to find the right spot and after every poke,everyone would cheer me and tell me,I was doing well.One of the nurses was standing in front of me and asked me hold his hand tight when they poked..and everytime I said sorry for crushing his hand,he would smile and say,I am not complaining and kept me distracted by talking to me about bollywood actors.
I knew something wasn’t working,when they called a senior guy..and he said,he was going to try again.So,first he gave me a spinal block,and then tried the epidural..Gosh!That was the most horrible sensation ever..I felt a wave of current go down my leg and I never EVER want to feel that again..I remember screaming and saying..I am never having another baby again Finally,the epidural was in place and then we were set.When they did the cold test,my legs were numb.. but my tummy wasn’t.Then,they did the forceps test and I could FEEL EVERYTHING.And then everything happenned very quickly. Sam the anesthesiologist,said,sorry,it didnt work and that they were going to put me to sleep.I told him,I wanted to say something to him and he asked me what.I said,he was the really sweet and way nicer than my anesthesiologist the first time..He said thanks and I felt like I was gagging on something and feeling funny.I wanted to remove the mask that Sam was holding on my face,but I couldn’t because someone/something was holding my hands. The last thing,I remember is Sam telling me to keep my eyes open till I could.
The next thing I remember is very hazy,someone was trying to push my bed and talking to me or someone else..I don’t know.I woke up in my room and Aadi ran in,wearing her beautiful pink coat and said,”Mumma Ananya is here..She is out of your tummy..she is so cute,Mumma..I love her..”I remember crying because I couldn’t see the baby anywhere..and I asked Sanj,are you sure its a girl…and they all laughed and said,yes it is..then I remember trying to hug Aadya awkwardly..holding the baby..but that is a very hazy memory..I guess I must have dozed off.
Later,I came to know that Ananya arrived in this world,at 4:09 PM on Saturday,July 23rd 2011.She had inhaled a bit of the general anesthetic and so her lungs had to be cleared with artificial respiration.Sanj was sitting outside hearing all this..He heard the OT staff,gush about her..about how beautiful she was and her lovely hair..how pink she was after her lungs cleared up.
I spent the rest of the night under observation.I remember the mid-wife Judy who took care of me..I don’t remember her face,but I know she was stocky and had really short hair and I can still hear her voice,telling me,’Alright,Trishna,can you turn for me ..don’t worry,we’ll get through this night’..I remember her giving me a nice sponge bath and changed my hospital gown,I remember her putting the baby to my breast,every few hours..
The next day,Irene,my mid-wife came to see me..she told me of the events that took place…that I had a difficult delivery and lost a lot of blood in the OT,that they had trouble waking me up and I spend more than 8 hours in recovery and the whole night under observation..all those images of Judy and her words made sense then.
I was really disappointed at not being awake for Ananya’s birth..I felt very guilty about not being there for her,in her first moments of life..and then Irene hugged me and told me,that,even if I was sleeping,I was the first one that Ananya touched,after she was cleaned..Irene said,she put her face to face with me..Gosh.. just writing about it,is making me all choked up..I can never thank Irene enough for that one moment..
The next day,I was still in a morphine-induced haze and Ananya was too.Both of us,were poked every few hours,to check our sugars..my BP shot up after the surgery and I was on constant BP monitoring..my oxygen level had dropped down considerably and I had to be on Oxygen for the next 48 hours.One time,I took off the oxygen mask to kiss Ananya and the monitor started beeping and I had to put it back on..Ananya was born on Saturday and on Sunday night,the mid-wife helped me to the bathroom..and I almost screamed,looking at my blue-grey face…that’s when I got really scared..But touchwood,God gave me tremendous strength and looking at my baby’s face and thinking of Aadya at home,made me get up,walk around a little..I am not saying this just for the heck of saying..they really were my motivation to feel better..
We came home on the 4th day..I had stayed away almost 6 days and the look on Aadya’s face was priceless.. She couldn’t stop kissing her sister and hugging me..and every few minutes,she would come,hug me tight and tell me..”Mumma,I really missed you..when you were not there!”
Me,I am just happy to be healthy and home with my beautiful family…:)
If you are still reading,thank you for your patience..I know its too long..but come on,more than 20 hours of labour, failed epidurals,and such an eventful delivery,needs to be documented,yes?!!


12 thoughts on “Ananya Birth Story-3

  1. That was one long tale … like with both of mine and with my daughters two babies too !!!

    I am so glad to know how your baby arrived … and that you are all happy and cuddly!!! Just keep up Aadya’s interest in her new sister for as long as you are able! Kisses, cuddles, ‘pass me the nappy please’, ‘Please can you wipe your baby sister’s face for me?’ …. it all helps !!! lol!!!

    Thank you for sharing !!!


    1. Hi TealRose,
      I don’t know why.. but seeing your comments always make me happy..:) I wish I could hear your tale too,someday:)
      As for Aadya,I am trying to keep her as involved as possible..and she is pretty good,most of the times..but,then I don’t know,something snaps and she just pokes the baby or kisses her too hard..and when I get mad,she tells me,she was just playing….I am trying to be patient,but its hard sometimes!!


      1. Why thank you Trish !!

        Oh and how I hated this when other mum’s said it .. but … ‘It gets worse !!’ lol!!! Aadya is still little – she doesn’t even understand what she feels/her emotions. She can’t get them ‘out’ …and sometimes this just builds up as a pressure in little ones. How old is she now ?? I do forget !! Remember too that she cannot understand just how delicate a baby is. As mummies we do – and tend to be a little overprotective sometimes too! Especially when the baby is so very new .. and you had such a bad time having her!

        You are doing the right things – involving her. Don’t force her if she doesn’t want to though as that will make her resentful. But .. tell her things like ‘oh look how your little sister seems to LOVE having YOU … wiping her face for her’ or … singing or just stroking her cheek while mummy/daddy changes the nappy etc etc …. Soon that baby will be following Aadya with her eyes everywhere .. smiling at HER more than even you. Have you noticed how babies do that even out say in the supermarket? They watch children all the time … are far more engaged with them! That will have Aadya happy !! Just keep praising Aadya and acknowledge sometimes that she maybe feeling a little jealous because you have had to spend extra time with the baby … Put your arm around her and say something like ..”I know you are feeling a bit grumpy right now as I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like with you .. and I miss that too … but your sister is so pleased that you love her … and I love you too very much .. and will soon be able to play with you again !! ok ??’ … Let her tell YOU … what is going on in her head.. if she can!

        Much love to you all !!


      2. Awww thank you so much for the comment:) I do try to keep her as involved as possible and its funny when she tells us that I am tired of helping! or that sometimes good helpers need a nice break! Now everytime,I am about to lose my temper,I will try to remember your words..
        much love and hugs!


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