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Oops we did it again..

And Happily too!!
I have been bursting at the seams to say this..both literally and figuratively!
Sometime in late July or early August,our little girl,will be a big sister.And I can already see,how good she is going to be.
She runs to open the door for me,brings me a glass of water or my glasses,plays by herself quietly,rubs my tummy and head and tells me..everything will be OK!
DH has been on the top of the world,since we found out..though he frets that I don’t rest enough..I mean really how much rest can you get,when you have a busy pre-schooler at home!
Me-Well I have been happy,tired,sleepy,nauseous,happy,tired nauseous,sleepy..on the loop. At one time,I found myself hoping that I’d throw up..and when I just made the nausea worse..So,yeah..:) Alls good,except that the nausea doesn’t seem to going away..
The list of foods that make me sick this time around,is so long..that I am beginning to worry,if I will ever get any food/nutrition down the baby’s throat!
So,thats what has been keeping me away..well that and the fact that we decided to wait 12 weeks before announcing on the blog!It was like..I had a gag-order and all I wanted to do was spill the beans!I am still keeping this off FB/ if you know me there,humor me please:)
That being said..Bring on the love and hugs..we need them..:)And send up a little prayer,that the rest of the way is smooth sailing!


35 thoughts on “Oops we did it again..

  1. Yayyyyyyyy! Had a big grin on my face when I read the ‘good news’!
    And don’t worry about getting anything down the littler Diva’s throat. I puked till I was wheeled into the delivery room, and Sonny boy eats pretty ok, except that he takes an AGE. HUgs.


  2. WOoohooo! I just saw the title and guessed what it must be. Congratsssss Trish. SO happy for u all 😀

    Err now lemme go read the post 😛 😛


  3. Trisssssshhhhhh……………aaaaaaaa.(screaming with joy) and jumping with joy again…..I am so very happy for you and Congrats to the little family. BIG hugs and kisses to you honey bunches :))) Take care and of course it is gonna be a smooth sailing! Praying for you and u take good care sweets.


    1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Shobhi:) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..screaming with you!! Big hugs to you too!!
      BTW, you know Aadya asks me to say, “I am pregnant” and then,screams..WOWWWWWWWWWWW and hugs me..she saw a friend do it!!LOL!


  4. Ahem! Ahem! Congratulations are in order here aren’t they? Well so ONE BIG FAT CONGRATS to all 3 of you. They say the worse the pregnancy, the easier the parenting. Hope that holds true for you… all the best!


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