This and That-Day24-NaBloPoMo

Last year, we surprised my aunt and cousins.They had made their peace that I won’t be able to attend my Sofi’s wedding.24th Oct is Sahil’s b’day and as far as possible..all of us are together on b’days and special occasions.So,everyone was supposed to meet at my dad’s in the evening. Dad picked me up from ILs and we got there just in time to surprise everyone! The screams of 4 excited females(aunt,Tuku,Sofi and yours truly) filled up the house and Aadi(then 2.5 years old) ran around us in circles,excitedly! OMG!I am not going to forget that scene for as long as I live.
Today,Sahil is in Adelaide,all alone,finishing up an assignment..I so wish,I could be there with him.I wish I could have baked a cake for him..
Anyway..this is the THIS of today’s post..As for THAT..I thought about it..a lot,as to whether I should share this here AGAIN or not..and then,I think,I should.Feel free to laugh or shake your head..Its time for serious weight loss.
Before going to India,I had lost nearly 6 kgs and when I came back,I had gained half of it back..I tried and knocked off another kg..but thats it..and the sad bit is,I am still FARRRRRRRR from the ideal weight..Now that warm weather is here,I have started my walks again..and am starting South Beach tomorrow. I did this 2 years back,,when I had just weaned off Aadi and its amazing the way,the weight comes off.
What I like about this diet is that I can still eat food that I cook for DH and Aadi..only omit and/or restrict carbs.
Anyone wants to be my weight-loss buddy?


8 thoughts on “This and That-Day24-NaBloPoMo

  1. I want to lose some weight too. But I’m very very bad with things termed “healthy”
    U still ok with that? If i quit u scream .. n if u quit I scream. 🙂


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