“Because I don’t wanna forget”-The title is borrowed from Cubby’s Ma,Mama-Mia. Aadi has been saying some real sweet things that I don’t want to forget..so here goes:

At the shoe shop,I was picking up a pair of walking shoes and naturally,Ms.Aadya isn’t one to stay back.She wanted to pick a pair too.And every time,she picked up a pair,it was either the wrong size or the wrong price,and we had to tell her No.Finally,she was tired and frustrated,hands on her hip,she said to the DH, “Papa,I am asking you for the last time,which shoes can I take? Dus baar nahi bolne waali hoon!!!”(I am not going to say it ten times)

Another day,Aadya was making a mess,tearing a sheet of paper into tiny tiny bits.I mock threatened her.. “If you don’t stop this..I am going to make you into tiny pieces and eat your up!”  Poor baby,her brow furrowed,she came up to me and said, “Oh no! fir main swing pe kaise jaungi? Aur tumne mujhe kha liya toh tum logo ke paas koi bhi baby nahi rahega.”(Oh no!then,how  will I play  on the swing?and if you eat me,then you will not have any baby!)

We were looking at some pictures and she looked at a picture of me and said, “Wow,mommy you look so young and beautiful here”.

At the restaurant,we ordered some noodles for her and she gobbled some quickly.I asked her how it was .. “yummm” ,she said.I asked her,is it better than mommy’s? and the sweet-pea,answered, “Noooo..I like mommy’s more”..hehehe

DH forgot her water bottle at the movies.And she was worried about it and asked,if we can go back and look for it.I was also upset,anticipating a tear-fest..I said, “yes,and if we can’t find it,we’ll leave Daddy there”  “No!Then who will drive the car!” ,she said..DH gloated the rest of the evening..atleast my daughter thinks I am indispensible!

After I click her pictures, “Mumma,put my pics on the laptop and send it to Nanu,then,Nanu will say,arre mera baby kitna cute hai!”

I was cleaning the bathroom and suddenly the house was quiet..I called out to her, “Aadi,where are you?” and she came to the bathroom,shook her head,like I do and said,in the same tone that I use, “Oh ho,Mumma,kaha jayegi tumhari baby?Main idhar hi toh hoon..tumhe chodd ke kabhi jaati hai kya baby?” (Oh mumma,where will your baby go?I am right here,do I ever leave you ?)

I tell her-Oh baby where will mumma go?I am right here,do I ever leave you? Its amazing how much they pick up,isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “BIDWF

  1. The last one is priceless 🙂
    “Wow,mommy you look so young and beautiful here”. – Ha ha ha 😉
    God! She must hv looked so cute saying that to her Dad @ the shoe store 😀


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