Yayyy we won!


Thanks for voting for the Colorful Zoo .

And Kudos to Shruti for hosting Artsy-Craftsy,month after month.Wonder what new theme,she will come up with this month!

Today is a good day and my mood today is Happy! Aadya has been good..playing alone,whining only when I want her to eat..the rest of the day,she left me alone,to laze around and browse peacefully.

We had her friends over yesterday..We moms decided to have a potluck lunch..a good time was had by all.The kids played normally-I say normally,coz there was the usual pulling,tugging fighting for the same toy..and then, they played happily,side-by-side too.So,it was nice.I am looking forward to more such days.

At one time,there were 4 kids running around the house..we had no idea,which one zoomed by.I had moved the coffee table to a side,so that they had a lot of open space.We tried to color with the crayon cakes and then,when the frequency of meltdowns increased,Friend P, pulled out the magic baby sitter,the Wiggles DVD! And then,they sat down to watch it…sorry,we asked them to sit down and watch it.Before we knew it they were all dancing..it was so much fun!All of us,moms,ran to our camera..It was so funny..4 of us,in 4 different corners of the room,3 of us with cameras!LOL!And even then,it was so hard to get them all together,looking at the camera!


The apple cake was a big hit..:) We saved some for DH,who finished it last night!BTW,yesterday,the Diva turned 3 years and 3 months!!:)

My Bro is visiting this friday..yayyy I am sooo excited!!This morning,DH was telling me,that we’ll have to turn down a dinner invitation..so he will call up and tell them.And we have not told Aadi that Sahil is coming..so,he didnt want to take his name.We want to see her reaction,when he arrives.So,DH said,’I will tell him,the your Bro is coming and so we’ll have to do it another time.’ Before I could answer,Aadya  jumped up and said,"Yayyy!my Sahil Mamu is coming!”

We were zapped..WTH!!how did she know that..she knows,he is my brother..but we have never used words like BRO or SIS in front of her..It took us some time to respond..hehee

Speaking of cheeky responses,when I was baking the apple cake,Aadi told me,to put frosting on the cake too.I said,’I don’t have stuff to make the frosting’ and her response is.."Oh ho frosting..you dont know frosting?that creamy creamy thing that girls like to eat on their cake and mommies have to make it!”

Another time,she asked me to make halwa..and I said,"Sorry Aadu,but there is no ghee or butter” and her response.."Oh ho!don’t you remember papa got it..how can u forget such things,mommy!!”

And then during the playdate,one of the girls,wanted Aadi’s ladybug pillow.She didnt want to share.After much coaxing and repeated assurances she gave it to her,but her heart was in the ladybug..so,she tells me,"Mumma,I have an idea,how about I do some magic magic and make the ladybug for Aneisha?”And she went on to make an imaginary magical ladybug for Aneisha..Obviously Aneisha wasn’t interested!!But we couldn’t stop laughing over the little magician!

How is your day today?


14 thoughts on “Yayyy we won!

  1. Your little one says the most incredible things! Thinking what she said about the frosting.. I’m still shaking my head and laughing 😀 Kala tikka, really! 🙂

    Congratulations for winning the competition!!


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