..More things about me..
Goofy Mumma tagged me on this one-
Reveal 7 random things about yourself.
Here are the rules of the tag.
1) You have to tag 7 people.
2) You have to link their pages in your tag post
3) You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they’ve been tagged.
4) You have to say who tagged you.

Lets see..what can I tell you this time-
1. I don’t remember books and movies after I finish reading/watching them.I mean when I go back to read or watch again,then I recollect snatches..but,even if someone asks me right after the movie ends,about a scene,I can’t remember.
2. I enjoy cooking.Its almost therapeutic for me.I love the rythm of chopping,stirring..The more complicated a recipe,the more I enjoy it.
3.Saying “No” is not one of my strongest point.I just cannot say No.And on the rare occasion that I do,I end up feeling guilty.
4.I am a pushover.I know when I am being pushed,but I am still trying to learn to be firm and not get pushed.
5.I have to read every night..Every single night.
6.I am planner..I like to plan things,way in advance.Some plans fall through,some dont..for those that don’t I find a counter plan…:D
7.I used to write poems,when until 8-9 years back..then I don’t know how I stopped.

Phew..this one was hard..I think I have now told you guys,all that is to tell about me.

I tag..Avanti,comfortablynam,Swati,Abha,Rayshma,Neera and Mystic Margarita


24 thoughts on “7..

  1. hey, nice knowing more abt u. i would liek to borrow point 3 n 4 from urs for my post. n would loveto see ur poems. what a deadly combination, cooking, craft n poems. 🙂


  2. even i cant remember a thing about books i read! 🙂 same pinch!

    i just did this tag!! but it was fun reading about you! unlike you i have mentioned i dont enjoy cooking! 😉

    we are same same but different, eh?!



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