Plain sheets..hate’em..

So,I don’t know why I can’t find good printed bed spreads here.I bought some in India,this time but had to leave them behind,because of lack of space…so I just have to bear the plain sheets..but they are like a speck of dirt in my eye.I won’t be comfortable till,I don’t jazz them up.
I have the plain sheets in-beige,maroon and ink-blue..I know I know..yuck… but it was the need of time.When you make a cross-county move with nothing but 4 suitcases and have to set up a home,from scratch..the last thing you want to spend on is sheets.We picked up the cheapest sheets available.They are nice and soft..but just too plain.
Oh and I also have this gorgeous deep purple set,that someone gifted me,but again,its all plain.So,I am thinking what can I do to jazz up the sheets..
1) Dye them…batik style
2) Dye them…Bandhani style
3) patchwork
4) embroidery-Too tedious…
5) Paint them…

What else can I do with them?Any ideas?


5 thoughts on “Plain sheets..hate’em..

  1. great that u have plain one, u can do so much…………well applique too:-), though i would love to tie n dye and then embellish it with few decorative stitches


    1. Yeah..true everything will take time..but I am quicker with painting than embroidery..Patchwork sounds Very very apealing to me..I was thinking laces as well..but it has to be real soft..so as to not poke us and second the idea of running the whole sheet under the machine,scares me!


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