My Tulips

These are the tulips,I wrote about,when I painted my tulip tile.This painting is very special to both DH and me.It adorns our bedroom wall at my in-laws place.This is the first time,I tried streaking and shading in glass-painting.Streaking was alright,but shading was goofed up,as you can see in the yellow flowers.
You know,I feel this India trip was just the break that I needed.My mind is relaxed and full of fresh ideas now.
I picked up quite a lot of yarn,crochet threads,embroidery floss,silk threads,matties in different colors,paints..sequins and what nots.The only thing I didn’t pick up was beautiful fabrics in lovely colors and prints.But,this was an unexpected trip..next time I will be better prepared.
So many ideas,so many projects..so much to do…:)

Edited to Add- The header picture is of a frame,my Aaji,my mom’s mom embroidered more than 50 years ago.It still holds a picture of my grandfather,in his early thirties.


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