Chiti Chiti Bang Bang

This post has nothing to do with the movie. I was feeling rather uninspired and couldn’t come up with an interesting Title.So poked and prodded the sleeping husband,he woke up irritated and groggy and was ready to bite off my head..when I asked him for an interesting title. “For my blog post”.. The poor guy rubbed his eyes…”tell me na,fast.” I urged and he came up with this!!So,I will be damned if I use some other title..after all this.

Anyway,blogging has been slow. First because Aadya wasn’t well..she got a little better and off we flew to Seattle,to see my friend and her cuddly 16 month old. We got back,and the weekend was here..So,we spent it painting the town most of the day and following Hurricane Ike the rest of the time.

When you have so many things to take care of, time just flies.Lot of things have been happening-some I can write about,some I have to restrain myself from.For one, like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts..we are busy packing.We are moving out of the US of A. Where? Some details need to be fine tuned..till then,I have been advised to keep my mouth SHUT! hehe..the things you do for love.

Which brings me to my one true LOVE, My angel..She has been chattering nineteen to a dozen. The newest additions to the vocabulary are – “esstrollarrrr( the stroller), Jaii jaii ( for praying),Chikin( the obvious,chicken)..And now,I can safely call this kid,bilingual. She commands us in both Hindi and english,depending on her mood. Sometimes, its “waann thiss” some times it is..Ye do na.( give this) ..sometimes it is “aao” ,at others its commee. And so on.This calls for a seaparate post.

And so does the Seattle Visit..I will be writing about both shortly.

I will be back with more masala..till then,be good,be safe..Mucho love,my lovelies.

I leave you with a pic of the two stars of my next post…


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